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.357 Magnum
Class Pistol
Hands 1 (AP cost for switching weapons)
Range 6 (Average range)
Cost to fire 4 AP
Cost to reload 4 AP
Ammo capacity 6
Ammo type .38 Ammo
Damage 40-60 (Average damage)
Damage Type Ballistic
(Good against humans/non-ballistic armor)
Noise 25
Critical Hit chance 5% (Decent chance)
Critical Multiplier 1.5 (Small critical multiplier)
Weight 3 (Not too heavy)
Breakage 0 (Weapon will not break)

This is the hand cannon of movie myth, and it truly is one of the most powerful handguns. While not as common as the other types, its power is more than enough to make up for any of its other shortcomings. Since its ammo is scarce, only experienced marksman should wield this.