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Abandoned Campsite

The Abandoned Camp...

Introduction[ | ]

A tragedy has befallen this place as only the lingering dead remain among the rubble of what was once a refugee camp.

Location[ | ]

Head out directly from the shelter at Splendid to Austin and you will pass this place along the northside. It is located some ten miles west from route 281.

Resources[ | ]

The place doesn't offer much, some luxuries, some food, some fuel(5 gallons), some ammo and some weapons like a Kitchen Knife or Pipe Wrench. There are also a few bushes that offer wild berries and an apple-tree. A fair amount of loot you get from the undead.

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]


Allies[ | ]


Enemies[ | ]

A dozen zombies are scattered inside the small camp and among the trees directly around the campsite.

Trivia[ | ]

At the center of the campsite is a dead body to the back of a truck filled with supplies surrounded by three of the undead. On the body is an empty 38 mm revolver. A last stand? A failed escape attempt?