Dead State Wiki

Introduction[ | ]

This location becomes unlocked after you meet Ford. There is a barn, a farmhouse, a water tower and a chicken coop. The main reason for this area to exist is meet Ford and his merry band., who take up position between a car wreck and a suv.

Location[ | ]

This location is north by north-west of the Shelter and roughly right in between route 283,route 67, route 87 and route 83.

Resources[ | ]

Bandages and such in the rusty truck and food in the stinky fridge inside the abandoned farmhouse. That is all folks..

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

All doors are unlocked. There are no alarms.

Allies[ | ]

Ford and three companions: Darlene, Isobel and Hank.

Enemies[ | ]

None, unless you attack Ford and his people.(and you'll be losing out the best archer in the game).

Trivia[ | ]

In the meeting it is suggested that you need to bring food. This requirement is dropped as you are not able to bring food from the shelter. However, the game assumes you have, so you can pick the option to show the food during the exchange with Ford, even if you did not arrange to bring food

Notes[ | ]