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The Alamo Way...

Alamo Way[ | ]

Upon entering the place is clearly a makeshift base of sort whose defenses have been overcome by zombies. It consists of four houses surrounded by a stone wall. However the entrances on both side were open and blocked with cars. There are also watchtowers. Eerily it feels as a warning towards your own shelter.

Location[ | ]

Alamo Way is located to the north of Route 190 and east from Downtown San Saba and west from Carmichael's garage. It is about 4 hours walking at survival rate 4.

Resources[ | ]

This is another place that offers a lot of items suchs as food, luxuries, fuel(4.5 gall) and gifts and notably parts(almost 20).

Don't forget to search the car and treetrunk on the otherside of the area.

Notable loot


Dumbbell upgrade.

DVD player

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies

General[ | ]

There are zombies everywhere within the walls and the houses. Outside they seem to stick mostly to the central road.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

No zombies outside the walls.

About five zombies scattered outside between the walls and the houses.

About eight on the central street.

The houses to the left and right upon entering seem to have a one zombie each. The house on the far left two. Something like five are in the second house to the right. By the time you arrive here you probably have a party that can deal with several at the time, so it might be time to get lazy and fire a gun or bang on a door to draw the zombies out of the houses for easy killing, instead of doing it house by house, room by room.