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The Alley...

Alley[ | ]

Despite the name this place isn't as cramped as you would expect. However it is hard to pass enemies without being noticed, although this can be used to your advantage. It consists of a small square with a tree, a baseball field, three shops, a Burger Bar Diner and a road.

Location[ | ]


Resources[ | ]

A mix of everything.

Square with tree[ | ]

Garbage contains a few things.

Truck with gun rack[ | ]

Ammo and firecracker.

Shop with alarm[ | ]

Luxuries, some food, data item and a gift.

Shop in the middle[ | ]

Luxuries and gifts.

Shop closest to entry point.[ | ]

This contains some goodies such as an aluminum bat, a crossbow, bullets and Data Items. Amongst other things.

Burger Bar Diner[ | ]

As you might expect: food mostly.

Street in the middle[ | ]

Van and Motorcycle:[ | ]

  • fuel, parts and utilities.
  • Crossbow.
  • Aluminum bat.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • There is a truck with gun rack that holds some special items, but one is a firecracker. This might come in handy...

Enemies[ | ]

  • Coyotes
  • Zombies

*Spoilers*[ | ]

What zombies there are are gathered in the baseball field. You can't get past them without being noticed. There are about eight of them. The coyotes, about four of them, are gathered in the central street in front of the shops. You might get past them if you use the combat mode to proceed'


Two coyotes facing the stone garden wall.

  • Coyote Enforcer (using a Magnum 357 and Sledgehammer when running out of ammo).
  • Coyote Outlaw (Hunting Shotguns and Wood Axe)

One coyote near the shop with the alarm

  • Coyote Scout (9 mm Pistol and baseball bat).

Remarks: loud noises will spawn zombies.

Locks and alarms[ | ]

All the doors are locked, with the back doors conveniently having a high rating(60) against the front doors having a lower rating(30 or 40). One house has an alarm.

The alarm can be turned off with science 3.

Trivia[ | ]

Interested in the signs that are displayed on the road. Visible are two poles with the following signs:

  • a rectangle sign at the top, black letters and numbers on white stating 71 Texas. This is the sign for the Texas state Highway 71 that runs from Blessing in to Brady.
  • a rectangle sign in the middle, black numbers on a white silhouette of Texas stating 652. White letters on black background stating Ranch Road. This is a sign for a road connecting a ranch to a market or distribution center. RM 652 : RM(FM) 652 is a 58.6-mile-long (94.3 km) ranch to market road in West Texas near the Texas/New Mexico state line(wikipedia). A more logical road would have been been FM 45 near San Saba which seems to nearest to the area the game plays.
  • a rectangle sign at the bottom, red letters on white background saying: Burn Ban in Effect.