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Aluminum Bat
Class Bat
Hands 2 (AP cost for switching weapons)
Range 1 (Must be standing next to target)
Damage Type Bludgeoning (Counts as Bludgeoning damage, good against zombies)
Stat Chance Knockback 10%
Dizzy 20%
(Minor chance for knockback and dizzy)
Noise 5 (Very quiet weapon)
Strength 3 (Below average strength required to wield)
ZDamage 105% (Slightly better damage against undead)
Critical Hit chance 5% (Minor chance for criticals)
Critical Multiplier 2 (Minor critical multiplier)
Weight 2 (Light)
Breakage 0 (Weapon will not break)

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Lighter than a wooden bat, the second key difference with the aluminum model is that a more moderate "crack" is replaced with a high-pitched "ping" sound when contacting an enemy skull.

Attacks[ | ]

Basic Attack[ | ]

  • The default attack
  • AP Cost: 4 (Decently fast for a fast character)
  • Damage: 26-35 (Decent damage, especially if multiple hits are landed in one round)

Push[ | ]

  • An attack to get some breathing room
  • AP Cost: 5
  • Damage: 9-25
  • Modifier: Knockback 40%

Swing[ | ]

  • A wide attack for when you’re surrounded
  • AP Cost: 7
  • Damage: 10-20 (Applied to all targets)
  • Modifier: TriAttack 100% (TriAttack hits enemy and any targets to the right and left of target)