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Bad Cops can consist of several groups of cops who have betrayed the trust placed in them. They are sometimes named bad cops, or renegade cops or ex-cop(not to be mistaken with the zombie of the same name) and these will all be listed below. Most of them are are slightly better equipped than looters, having night sticks, 9 mm pistols and the occasional shotgun, but lacked protection. Some are more dangerous such as the cops at Coleman who have rifles, riot gear and the like.

Details[ | ]

Their ranks consists of:

  • Bad Cop(9 mm Pistol(8 bullets), 1 Bullet, Nightstick, Pepper Spray, Marksman Gloves, Bandages, Coffee, Soda, Crackers)
  • Bad Lieutenant (Police Shotgun(5 Shells), 3 Shells, Nightstick, Riot Helmet, Pepper Spray, Codeine, Whiskey, Cigarettes, Can of Chili, Sleeping Pills)1
  • Motorcycle Cop(Snubnose(6 Bullets), Nightstick, Motorcycle Helmet, Weightlifting Gloves, Fuel(1.0 Gallon), 3 Bags of Chips)2

Locations[ | ]

They have been found at the following places.

  • Foree Outlet Mall
  • Coleman
  • The Boone Circle
  • With some groups of looters.

Notes[ | ]

1 This might probably be a reference to the movie of the same name as that was about a bad lieutenant who drank, smoked, used drugs and couldn't sleep.

2 The Motorcycle Cop is encountered at least once as part of a gang of Looters and could arguably be considered a Looter. However, given that this is a cop who abandoned his principles I have listed it under the Bad Cops. The Bags of Chips might be a reference to the movie Chips.