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Bag of Cement

Bag of Cement is a requirement for the Reinforced Fence upgrade for your shelter. There are multiple bags to be found in the game, each weighing a whopping 50 lbs. You only need 1 for the upgrade, and currently the bags can't be recycled or used for anything else. If you want to haul them all to your storage in case a future update makes them all relevant is up to you.

Reported Locations of the bag[ | ]

Note: the bag may not be at these locations, this is where others have found bags. You might not find any at these locations but they are still worth a look

  • In a pile of construction equipment at the Pleasant Street Library south of the Shelter
  • In a technical room cabinet inside the Lampasas Shelter
  • At the Texas State Fair
  • At the Renovated Farm
  • In a warehouse, at the lathe in the Old Army Base
  • At the Renovated Farmhouse in the Diamondback Hardware van.
  • Alamo Way (NE of Shelter) pallet at the "gate"
  • At both Supply Warehouses near the Lampasas Shelter (North along Rte. 281 and between Rtes. 190 and 183)

Requirement for[ | ]