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The Bargain Owl Supermarket on the map


The Bargain Owl Supermarket

Bargain Owl Supermarket[ | ]

This location contains a supermarket and a fast food joint.

Location[ | ]

The Bargain Owl Supermarket is found on the 377, north of the shelter

Resources[ | ]

The supermarket and restaurant has mostly food and a some luxuries.

Notable Loot

  • Dumbbell in the Bargain Owl employee locker.
  • Seed Packets in the Diamondback Hardware van.

Enemies[ | ]

There is a lot of zombies clustered in the entrance of the supermarket.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

There are four Coyotes inside the Bargain Owl Supermarket.

  • Coyote Outlaw(Hunting Shotgun, Fire Axe)
  • Coyote Enforce( Magnum 357, sledgehammer)
  • 2 Coyote Scouts(9 MM, bat)

There are about seven zombies in front of the supermarket.

Remarks: firing guns seems to have a low chance of spawning zombies.

Trivia[ | ]

Notes[ | ]