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Introduction[ | ]

The Bear Arms Gun Store is small store west of Abilene along the Interstate 20. As the name suggest it is a gun store and therefore of interest for people looking for weapons or, later in the game, ammo.

Layout[ | ]

The location is small place consisting of the store and a area with two tents protected by a wall made up out of a wire fence and a row of firetrucks, a suv, a schoolbus and a semi-truck.

Location[ | ]

The store is located 20 miles to the west of Abilene along the Interstate 20.

Resources[ | ]

There is virtual nothing to loot here except for the Dumbbells, some ammo and the gear of the soldiers.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Dumbbells
  • The gear from the rogue soldiers.

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

There are two doors. The front door of the store is rated 50 and locked. The rear door is unlocked.

Allies & Neutrals[ | ]


Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies
  • Rogue Soldiers

Zombies[ | ]

There are no zombies here, which spells trouble.

Rogue Soldiers[ | ]

A squad of soldiers headed by a sergeant are guarding the camp.

  • Rogue Combat Engineer(Combat Shotgun(6 Shells), 5 Shells, Claw Hammer, Combat Helment, Ballistic Vest, Combat Boots, 6 Parts, Dogtag)
  • Rogue Sergeant(MS4 (14 Bullets), Combat Helmet, Combat Knife, Grenade, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Dogtag )1
  • Rogue Combat Medic(MK5(18 bullets), Combat Knife, Combat Helmet, Ballistic Vest, Medic Satchel, Dogtag)
  • Rogue Soldier(9 mm Pistol(6 bullets), Combat Machete, 3 Bullets, Weightlifting Gloves, Combat Boots, Candy, Data Item, Dogtag)
  • Rogue Soldier(MK 5(15 bullets), Combat Knife, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Dogtag)
  • Survivalist Sharpshooter(Hunting Rifle(4 x 762 bullets), 4 x 762 bullets, Kukri, Camo Paint, Combat Boots, Potted Meat, Candles, Purification Tablets)

Remarks[ | ]

  • Zombies spawn reasonably frequent with loud noises.
  • Seems to me that this group is associated with the group looting the Shops at the Willows as that has a Captain and should have a base someplace. Stands to reason that this is that place.

Notes[ | ]