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First dialogue with Ben

Ben Jones is the leader of Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp - a potentially friendly camp of survivors. Ben is an even-tempered, cautious man, wary of outsiders but eager to make solid allies.

Events[ | ]

  • When you first encounter Ben, he and the other campers are ready to attack if need be. If you're even-tempered and diplomatic, he'll be more willing to talk.
    • You can offer to trade information (including a lie about Austin being safe that will result in him losing people and being angry with you)
    • If you have a Leadership or Negotiation skill of 7 or more you can shoo Ben and the others out of the camp without combat.
    • If you have a Medical skill at 6 or more, you can offer to help. Doing this will result in Ben giving you some spare bows.
    • If you have Science of 6 or more you can offer to teach them how to make bombs. Doing this will result in Ben giving you some spare bows.
    • If you leave peacefully, Ben will remember this, and introduce himself if he hasn't already.
  • If you come back after being peaceful (and not giving Ben bad information), Ben will be glad to greet you.
  • If you come back after giving Ben bad info about the cities, he'll attack you if you talk to him.
  • If you come back after having robbed him, you can either leave him alone, or start combat.
  • Sara Seza and Mia Seza are also at the camp. If you want them to come with you, talk to them at the camp, and if you have a Negotiation skill of 6 or higher, you can say you'll ask Ben if they can come with you. Talk to Ben: if you have a Negotiation skill of 8 or higher (or bring up that Sara needs a lab), he'll let them go with you.
  • Show up after Day 50 but before Day 68, ask Ben if he has anything to trade, and he'll give you Smoky as a gesture of goodwill.
  • Multiple survivors in the Shelter have different ideas of how to deal with the Summer Camp.
    • If you eliminate Ben and the other survivors at the Summer Camp, Subleader Paul Rainier will be furious with you, and lose a fair amount of Respect.
    • If you're peaceful with the people at the summer camp, Grant White will later approach you and suggest raiding the camp for food.
  • If you come back on Day 78 or later, you will find Ben and his people in the camp dead, apparently gunned down by an unknown force.
    • Whoever killed everyone in the camp did not loot them.

Stats[ | ]

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Combat[ | ]

While the other survivors at the Summer Camp aren't combat superstars, Ben's got a very solid array of stats, and his Ranged skill is an appropriate match for his 9MM pistol.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Ben is named in tribute to the first protagonist of the original Night of the Living Dead.
  • Ben's visual references are actor Terry Alexander, who played John in the original Day of the Dead, and Ken Foree, who played Peter in the original Dawn of the Dead.
  • Ben and the summer camp are meant to be a parallel to the player's own experience at the Shelter.