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First dialogue with Ben

Ben Jones is the leader of Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp - a potentially friendly camp of survivors. Ben is an even-tempered, cautious man, wary of outsiders but eager to make solid allies.


  • When you first encounter Ben, he and the other campers are ready to attack if need be. If you're even-tempered and diplomatic, he'll be more willing to talk.
    • You can offer to trade information (including a lie about Austin being safe that will result in him losing people and being angry with you)
    • If you have a Leadership or Negotiation skill of 7 or more you can shoo Ben and the others out of the camp without combat.
    • If you have a Medical skill at 6 or more, you can offer to help. Doing this will result in Ben giving you some spare bows.
    • If you have Science of 6 or more you can offer to teach them how to make bombs. Doing this will result in Ben giving you some spare bows.
    • If you leave peacefully, Ben will remember this, and introduce himself if he hasn't already.
  • If you come back after being peaceful (and not giving Ben bad information), Ben will be glad to greet you.
  • If you come back after giving Ben bad info about the cities, he'll attack you if you talk to him.
  • If you come back after having robbed him, you can either leave him alone, or start combat.
  • Sara Seza and Mia Seza are also at the camp. If you want them to come with you, talk to them at the camp, and if you have a Negotiation skill of 6 or higher, you can say you'll ask Ben if they can come with you. Talk to Ben: if you have a Negotiation skill of 8 or higher (or bring up that Sara needs a lab), he'll let them go with you.
  • Show up after Day 50 but before Day 68, ask Ben if he has anything to trade, and he'll give you Smoky as a gesture of goodwill.
  • Multiple survivors in the Shelter have different ideas of how to deal with the Summer Camp.
    • If you eliminate Ben and the other survivors at the Summer Camp, Subleader Paul Rainier will be furious with you, and lose a fair amount of Respect.
    • If you're peaceful with the people at the summer camp, Grant White will later approach you and suggest raiding the camp for food.
  • If you come back on Day 78 or later, you will find Ben and his people in the camp dead, apparently gunned down by an unknown force.
    • Whoever killed everyone in the camp did not loot them.


Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical


While the other survivors at the Summer Camp aren't combat superstars, Ben's got a very solid array of stats, and his Ranged skill is an appropriate match for his 9MM pistol.


  • Ben is named in tribute to the first protagonist of the original Night of the Living Dead.
  • Ben's visual references are actor Terry Alexander, who played John in the original Day of the Dead, and Ken Foree, who played Peter in the original Dawn of the Dead.
  • Ben and the summer camp are meant to be a parallel to the player's own experience at the Shelter.