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Introduction[ | ]

Bison Street is a location that is on the edge of a suburban residential area and a dinner/shopping area. The residential area is sufficiently downtrodden.

Layout[ | ]

The area is split in two by a bricked wall. The first area, the one you enter, consist of a road with a house to each side. The houses have unfriendly messages. The second area, beyond the wall, is a road with two shops, a Wicked Awesome Motorbikes store and a Kitchen Supply Store store. Must be an older chaps' fantasy; something for him and something to keep the wife busy.

Location[ | ]

Bison Street is not far from the Shelter. About 10 miles North along Route 190.

Resources[ | ]

The houses have their good share of food. The shops offer some tidbits. The diner a fair amount of food.

Notable Loot[ | ]


Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

The house to the left has one locked door and one open door at the back. Both are rated 60. The house on the right has an unlocked door. The shops have no locked doors. The Diner has locked doors rate 30, except for the backdoor. 

There are no alarms.

Allies & Neutrals[ | ]


Enemies[ | ]

  • Looters
  • Zombies. mostly on the streets.

In the house on the left upon entry(the one with the flag)

  • Fast Looter(9 mm pistols(6 bullets), combat knife, mystery can, coffee)
  • Crazed Looter(Snubnose (4 bullets), bowie knife, goggles, candy, cigarettes, part, coffee)
  • Female Looter(snubnose(6 bullets), hatchet, toilet paper, cab of soup)
  • Tough Looter(brush Hook, paintball faceplate, mystery can, toilet paper, cigarettes)
  • Angry Looter(wood axe, codeine, vitamine pills)

In the house on the right

  • Zombies.

In the Mmm Bison Diner

  • Nervous Looter(snubnose(3 x 38 mm bullets), 1 x 38 mm bullet, bandages, cigarettes, chocolate bar, kitchen knife)

Remarks[ | ]

Low spawning of zombies.

Notes[ | ]