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The Boone Circle is made up out of suburban area consisting of four houses each walled with a concrete wall. There is a roadblock made out of cars at the entrance. Seems people were setting it up to be defended.

Location[ | ]

The Boone Circle is located 30 miles south-west from Abilene on route 277.

Resources[ | ]

From what follows below you ought to be sitting on a mountain of arms and armor if you play your cards right. However, at some point in the game you will probably not be interested in those anymore as only a handful of your group needs them anyway. It is the ammunition you want and have to waste to get, which creates a humorous dilemma: how many bullets you need to use to get the bullets you need.

Next to combat gear this place offers almost everything in abundance, except for upgrade items and antibiotics, though there is some. See observations section for more information that can be considered spoilers.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Weapons
  • Data Items
  • Parts
  • Some antibiotics.

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

All doors are unlocked and there are no alarms.

Allies and neutrals[ | ]


Enemies[ | ]

  • Looters and survivalists
    • Motorcycle Cop
    • Looter Sentry
    • Looter Marksman
    • Survivalist Archer
    • Survivalist Chemist
    • Experienced Looter
    • Survivalist Rifleman
    • SMG Looter
  • Rogue Soldiers
    • Rogue Captain
    • Rogue Soldier
    • Rogue Combat Engineer
    • Rogue Medic
    • Rogue Commando
    • Rogue Sergeant
    • Starved Soldier
  • Zombies(but not at the start)

You enter at a tense moment as two groups of your enemies, Looters and Rogue Soldiers face each other off. When you get near the confrontation will turn violent. To make it even more of a hilarious mess, zombies will be drawn in to add the ko-ed casualties to their number. This is particular nasty in the case of the soldiers as they are heavily armored and take quite some clubbing to take down.

Observations[ | ]

(This might be considered spoilers)

You can get your hands on some military grade weapons without fighting for them. At the top left of the map are two military SUVs. One has two MS4, a Combat Shotgun and an AKA7. They come without ammunition though but the other has some ammo. It is conceivable to go to this place early in the game and get these weapons without much ado.

It might be possible to trigger the fight and wait for the two groups to kill each other, however it is obvious the Rogue Soldiers are by far the stronger foes and probably win without too many losses, even though the Looters and Survivalist have the numbers,However, if the battle takes long enough zombies might get a chance to turn the fallen into new ones and this, with the fact that the military might run out of ammunition might at least make it difficult for them.

It is possible to loot most of the buildings without encountering hostiles. They are all at the square in the center.

Notes[ | ]