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Introduction[ | ]

The Brady Pharmacy will be pointed out to you very early in the game as a source for medicine. The Pharmacy is surrounded by a few shops and diners.

Layout[ | ]

The Pharmacy is part of the Giddy-Up Drugs Pharmacy chain and located at the center of the map and faces a parking lot. To the right of the pharmacy, when facing it, there is an E-Z Laundry and a OI' Scratch Pizza delivery. To the left is a Hannigan and Hartwell's Bookstore and a store that is for sale.

Location[ | ]

The Pharmacy is located about 10 miles to the North West from the Shelter along Route 87..

Resources[ | ]

The pharmacy is a place to get food, luxuries and, most of all, your first anti-biotics. The other buildings offer some luxuries and food.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Medicines and anti-biotics.

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

The front doors of the pharmacy is open. The back is locked and rated 60. The front doors for the buildings on the left are locked with doors rated 30, the back doors are unlocked. The front door for the buildings on the right are unlocked, the back doors are locked and rated 50.

Allies & Neutrals[ | ]


Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies
  • Looters

Zombies[ | ]

The are zombies, mostly to the front of the Pharmacy.

Looters[ | ]

There are looters inside the Pharmacy and in the Pizza restaurant.

Pizza place[ | ]

  • Fast Looter(9 mm pistols(6 bullets), combat knife, mystery can, coffee)

Pharmacy[ | ]

  • Angry Looter(wood axe, codeine, vitamine pills)
  • Nervous Looter(snubnose(3 x 38 mm bullets), 1 x 38 mm bullet, bandages, cigarettes, chocolate bar, kitchen knife)
  • Tough Looter(brush Hook, paintball faceplate, mystery can, toilet paper, cigarettes)
  • Female Looter(snubnose(6 bullets), hatchet, toilet paper, cab of soup)
  • Male Looter(machete, chips, mystery can).

Remarks[ | ]

Notes[ | ]