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The Bullseye Store...

Introduction[ | ]

The Bullseye Store is an early location in the game located to the northwest of the shelter.

Layout[ | ]

It only contains a large store in the north of the game map, the Bullseye Store itself and a big parking lot scattered with cars and shopping cars. There are is also some space around the mall allowing you to enter the mall from the back. The zombies are mostly gathered around the mall.

Location[ | ]

The Bullseye Store is located to the northwest of the shelter along route 87 almost exactly next to the northeast tip of the Route 87 symbol in the map.

Resources[ | ]

The parking lot contains a lot of lootable objects including the abundant zombies themselves. There is a shopping cart outside the mall full of goodies such as food and luxury items.

To rear of the mall there is car with some fuel, a dumpster with a few parts, and a box of parts(contain just one part).

The big price is the mall itself which contains one desk in the office room, three shelves in the stockroom, one fridge in the break room and about eleven spots in the main area which gets you luxury goods, food and some clothes and data. However no fuel, parts or weapons. There is however one leather jacket in the clothes department. Parts, ammo and weapons you have to get by clearing out the zombies. Killing them all gains you roughly 14 parts, a biker helmet, some 9 mm ammo and some 38 mm and some weapons, but no guns.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies(a lot of them..., like a lot.)

This place contains a lot of zombies for early in the game, most of them are inside the mall. The Parking lot and the pavement in front of the store about holds at sizable number and there are a few more to each side of the store and some one in the back.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

In front of the mall:

  • Nine Zombies: dead cyclist, decomposing woman, dead biker, dead man, dead looter, stumbling man, gutless corpse, shuffling man, rotten looter.

To the right side of the mall(seen from the front).

  • Two zombies: A decomposing woman and a dead cop(note that attacking the dead cop might draw in a putrid woman from the mall).

Behind the mall:

  • One zombie: bloody girl.

To the left of the mall

  • One Zombie: Gutted man.

Inside the mall

A total of 16 zombies.

  • Group near the front entrance: Dead Clerk, Male Corpse, Physician Corpse, Staring Corpse, Putrid Woman.
  • Group to the west side area: Female Corpse, Savaged Corpse, Old Body, Gross Man.
  • In the center of the mall: Two Dead Cops, Rotting Female, Looter Corpse, Rotten Looter.
  • In the stockroom of the mall: Smelling Corpse and Dead Clerk.

In all the place has 29 zombies.

Trivia[ | ]

There is no real life Bullseye store and the place this store seems located(called Pear Valley) directly to the north of route 87 halfway between Eden and Brady seems to contain mostly farms and wild lands. There is a Bullseyeshop online website that sells apparel and associated items and there is a store locator app that sells under the name Bullseye. No idea if those are related.