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The Car Dealership...

Car Dealership[ | ]

A place with a large car dealer shop, a garage, a Mmm Bison Restaurant. Upon entry it is clear it is occupied by hostile looters.

Location[ | ]

Car Dealership located next to the part route 290 that runs from the Interstate Highway 10 to Route 87.

Resources[ | ]

Food, luxuries, lots of weapons, ammo and armor from the looters.

Notable Loot

  • Antique Revolver
  • Data items

Enemies[ | ]


Zombies(spawns mostly)


There are a lot of well armed looters in the car dealership, were the cars are parked and at the approaches towards the car dealership.

Remarks: no spawning of zombies1

Notes[ | ]

1 Spawning seems not only related to noise level, but also seems relevant towards location and progress in the game. In a previous version(and from you tube) it is noticeable how there was quite some zombies spawning in this area. During the encounters I wrote this there were none.