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The Car Dealership...

Car Dealership[]

A place with a large car dealer shop, a garage, a Mmm Bison Restaurant. Upon entry it is clear it is occupied by hostile looters.


Car Dealership located next to the part route 290 that runs from the Interstate Highway 10 to Route 87.


Food, luxuries, lots of weapons, ammo and armor from the looters.

Notable Loot

  • Antique Revolver
  • Data items



Zombies(spawns mostly)


There are a lot of well armed looters in the car dealership, were the cars are parked and at the approaches towards the car dealership.

Remarks: no spawning of zombies1


1 Spawning seems not only related to noise level, but also seems relevant towards location and progress in the game. In a previous version(and from you tube) it is noticeable how there was quite some zombies spawning in this area. During the encounters I wrote this there were none.