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Chickens are an in-game animal and are great as they produce 1 extra FRESH (eggs) food every day per chicken when you put them in your Chickencoop. Just remember to NOT loot them from anywhere (just note where they are) until the day AFTER you have built the coop. Otherwise you will just eat it, which is worth 8 fresh food. Only a maximum of 8 chickens can be stored in the coop, every excess will be eaten.

Chickens can be found in coop container. Chicken weight 5 lbs.

Locations[ | ]

Chickens have been reported found:

  • Boone Circle - 1 Chicken
  • Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp - 3 Chicken
  • Renovated Farm - 1 Chicken
  • Vegetable Farm - 1 Chicken
  • A cheery old house, random location where Grant White can be found (on or after day 20) - 1 Chicken
  • Militia HQ (not obtainable unless player attacks it) - 1 Chicken
  • Military HQ (not obtainable unless the player attacks it) - 2 Chicken
  • The Equestrian Stables - 1 Chicken