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Church Encampment consists of a church. Unlike Menard graveyard the church is actually surrounded by graves. There is a behind the Church. Th


Church Encampment is located at the eastern edge of the map a few miles south of Route 84.


There is a small bit of fuel in the car on the street in front of the church and in the lawnmower in the shed behind the Church. There is a dead looter with a few items in front of the Church.. There is some food, luxuries and parts inside the church and on the survivors.

Notable Loot[]

  • Data Items

Doors, locks and alarms[]

The church has unlocked front doors and indestructible and locked rear doors. The shed is locked with a rating 120 door.

Allies & Neutrals[]



  • Survivors

The survivors are inside the church and they warn you off, telling you that they are prepared to kill you if you try to loot your stuff.

  • Survivor(2 Kitchen Knives, Screwdriver, Mystery Can, Toilet Paper)
  • Survivor(Machete, Mystery Can, Chips)
  • Survivor(Hatchet, Snubnose(6 Bullets), Toilet Paper, Can of Soup)
  • Survivor(Sickle, Pepper Spray, Bike Helmet, Basket Ball, Snack Cake, Potato, Crackers)
  • Survivor(Snubnose(4 Bullets), 1 Bullet, Kitchen Knife, Bandages, Cigarettes, Chocolate Bar)
  • Survivor(shell, Kitchen Knife, Baseball Bat, Can of Chili, Soda)

Remarks: Zombies might spawn when making loud noises.


It is very probably the survivors are meant to be neutral. They are however fitted out as looters.