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Clifford Ghaffey

Clifford Ghaffey is a former employee at a Bullseye Department Store who was told to hand out emergency supplies when things got worse. Instead of handing them out, he locked himself in and didn't let anyone inside the market.

Recruitment[ | ]

Clifford can be found at the "Abilene Bullseye", south of Abilene. He's upset that you broke in, and demands to come with you if you don't volunteer to take him. If you refuse, he'll attack you.

Events[ | ]

*Spoilers* Clifford can be a time bomb. Unless he's kept carefully in check, his bloodlust and sense of self-importance will grow to a point where he will become potentially unmanageable. If you want to try and keep him in check, be sure not to encourage his creepier comments and aggressively shut him down if he steps out of line.

  • After 3 days in the Shelter, Clifford will tell you about a gun store he wants to go to. You can be encouraging of his suggestion (making him more unstable), dismissive (which makes him upset), or practical.
  • Clifford will complain that there are too many people in the Shelter (if there are more than 10). You can tell him you don't have time to talk to him, end the conversation immediately after hearing what he wants to say, threaten to kick him out (small Mood penalty), or lie and say you have a plan to take care of some of them (with a Negotiation skill of 5 or greater), giving him a small Mood boost, but making him more unstable.
  • At nearly 2 weeks, Clifford and Doug will argue about the superiority of guns vs. melee. If you side with Doug (melee), Clifford will suffer a Mood penalty - if you side with Clifford (guns), Doug will suffer a Mood penalty instead. If you refuse to get involved or tell them to get back to work, both of them will suffer a small Mood penalty.
  • After 1 month, Clifford will tell you how much he loves shooting people, and he'll protest that he doesn't think that others in the Shelter appreciate him as much as they should. You can end the conversation immediately after hearing what he wants to say (small Mood penalty), complement him (small Mood bonus, making him more unstable), try to be neutral (slightly makes him more unstable), encourage him to show off to gain respect (Negotiation 5 or greater needed - gives him a Mood boost, but makes him more unstable), or point out that everyone does their part (Leadership 5 or greater needed - keeps him in check, making him more stable).
  • After 1 month, Clifford will demand more food because "he's done more work." If you shut him down outright, he'll suffer a Mood penalty. If you give him food (provided you have more than 10 rations), he'll gain a Mood bonus. If you have more than 5 rations and a Negotiation of 5 or greater, you can agree to give him 5 food, and he'll gain a Mood bonus. If you have a Leadership skill of 6 or more, you can try to reason with him, which will still result in a small Mood penalty.
  • After 40 days, Clifford will have a reactive dialogue depending on the player's gender.
    • If the PC is female, he'll demand to get more attention from women. If you slap him outright, he'll slink off (major Mood penalty, but keeps him in check, making him more stable). If you tell him off, he'll gain a small Mood penalty and leave. If you mock or challenge him, he'll scurry away. If you ask him what he means by "more attention," he'll ask to grab your breasts - if you allow him, he'll receive a major Mood boost and keeps him in check, making him more stable) (and your character will make it very clear they hated the experience).
    • If the PC is male, he'll whine that he doesn't understand why the women in the Shelter won't have sex with him. You can tell him to just talk to them (keeps him in check, making him more stable). You can also tell him to get back to work, then he'll mumble something about it being "just a joke" (small Mood penalty, but makes him more stable). If you shut him down aggressively, he'll take a larger Mood penalty, but keeps him in check, making him more stable. If you encourage him to try and offer them food, he'll gain a small Mood boost, but become more unstable.
  • After 50 days in the Shelter, Clifford will complain that nobody in the Shelter respects him and demands that they do, or else. This is a major turning point. If Clifford is too unstable you will know as he has developed a disturbing level of respect towards you while having being stable has him being angry towards you for the perceived lack of respect from you. Regardless of the outcome, he will become more unstable from this encounter if you choose to accommodate to him in any way.
    • If you have a Leadership skill of 5 or greater, you can convince him that you appreciate him, which gives him a Mood boost (slightly makes him more unstable).
    • You can tell him you can't make people like him. He gets upset, but with a Negotiation or Leadership skill of 3 or more you can end the conversation with him receiving a Mood boost (slightly makes him more unstable).
    • If you have a Negotiation skill of 3 or greater, you can convince him that others are jealous of him, which gives him a Mood boost (makes him even more unstable).
    • If you lose your patience and shut him down hard, he'll make a threatening comment and walk out of the room (maximum Mood penalty but he does not become unstable)
    • If you decide he's not worth your time, there are multiple opportunities during this conversation to end it by killing him.
  • Having both Clifford and Aimee Sysko in the Shelter together is, in a short phrase, extremely risky.
    • Clifford will quickly start becoming very creepy towards her - after they've both been in the Shelter around two/three weeks, Clifford will approach Aimee in the cafeteria and begin acting very creepy towards her. If you shoo him away immediately, it will cause a significant Mood penalty to Clifford and a small Mood boost to Aimee while making him more stable; if you are subtle and call Aimee over quickly, she'll gain a small Mood boost. However, if you allow the conversation to continue, Clifford will continue to grow more aggressive towards her. You can still shoo him away or call Aimee over, support Clifford (causing a Mood boost to Clifford and a significant Mood loss to Aimee), punch Clifford in the face (leading to a massive Mood loss to Clifford but restore a great deal of stability and a small loss to Aimee), or just walk away (leading to a Mood loss for Aimee and make him unstable).
    • If Clifford is not kept very tightly under rein, he will attempt to rape Aimee. This will trigger a Crisis Event to decide his punishment: death, exile, imprisonment, or room arrest. If you decide to imprison him or keep him in his room, Aimee will come up to you shortly thereafter and express her anger at the decision and your disregard of her safety, and will leave the Shelter permanently.
  • If Clifford is bit, he takes a massive mood loss.

Special Requests[ | ]

Luxury Items

  • Sleeping Pills
  • Medical Marijuana


  • Shooting Range

Stats[ | ]

See also Ally Stats.

Survivors develop their skills over time, these stats represent their starting point.

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Clifford has a near-total focus on developing his Ranged and Melee skills, with only the occasional point invested in Survival, Medical, and Leadership until late in his skill cycle. His stat upgrades are first Strength, then Perception.

Play Style[ | ]

While he has a decent Ranged score, Clifford is most notable for his lack of morality, and can join the player to raid neutral camps without incurring a morale penalty. While his traits make him difficult to deal with for other survivors, his viciousness in combat may make up for it if you're in a bad spot.

Clifford will NOT react to killing neutral survivors.

Traits[ | ]

  • Payback: "Clifford's brutal nature has allowed him to double his critical chance against humans when using a ranged weapon."
  • Mutterer: "Clifford's sullen, occasionally vicious personality is unnerving to others, giving a daily Morale penalty of -5."
  • Home On The Range: "This ally enjoys having a Shooting Range in the Shelter, and will gain a one-time Morale bonus after it is completed."

Trivia[ | ]

  • Age: 26
  • Hometown: Eastland, TX
  • Sick Event: Sunburn
  • Subleader Supported: Lloyd
  • Shelter Location: Second floor, classroom next to rooftop exit