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Coleman on the map

Coleman[ | ]

Coleman (an encampment type of location) is the home of a group of cops lead by Dick, an old colleague of Vic. Vic will at some point suggest you head up there and talk to them about joining forces. He also mentions that you should bring him along, which you should.

Location[ | ]

Coleman is found where the 84 and 283 intersects, north of the shelter

Events[ | ]

Bringing Vic along will start a conversation between him and Dick as you aproach the main building. Basicly, the cops aren't interested in helping anyone but themselves, meaning they will let cops in - and don't care about anyone else. Vic gets furious and you will have the choice of leaving (as the cops will not-so-politely ask you to do), or fighting the man. There are discussions on the outcomes of this on steam forums. One claim is that as long as you initiate the fight after the cops tell you to get lost, then all is good - and no penalties will be given. The exact quote from the forum is:

"you have to have them tell you to get lost first and then vic admits he was wrong. then raid the police station. Save that for a later thing to do"

Possibly meaning you have to get rejected, head back to the shelter, talk to Vic and THEN go fight the man. Update this page if you find out before I do.

If you decide to hit the cop-base, be sure to bring gas masks, as they pepper you with teargas. There are people on the roof covering the door below (which you need to slam in) and more cops inside. Did I mention the teargas? Seems like they all got teargas.

*Update* - Returning and attacking the cop base on the same day Vic comes with you to Coleman and realizes they aren't going to help you still leads to a negative reaction cut scene the next morning where he blames the player, even if Vic isn't present for the attack itself. This may result in a minor mood penalty. Davis also mentions that the survivors are looking for the player and to expect trouble in the future when leaving the shelter.

*Update* (22-06-2023) - You can bypass the loss of respect and mood of Vic when you attack Coleman, the same day where you get to recruit Effrem. Let's say you had the Random Encounter of Effrem Montague on Day 29, you attack Coleman and loot the place. On Day 30, Vic would be mad at you but will have a succeeding conversation where Vic wants to kick Effrem out. With enough Negotiation Skill, you can say that "you want Vic to back you up 100%" but he won't do so but you'll have no problems with him on your future decisions.

Resources[ | ]

Even without fighting and subsequently looting the renegade cops this place offers a lot of fuel on the cars that are used to create roadblocks. In all 11 Gallons. Next to that the picnic locations offer a variety of luxuries and food.

  • Hunting rifle
  • Rechargable Batteries
  • Mp3 player

Enemies[ | ]

  • If it turns sour: Cops. Teargas (bring gas masks), good guns and good armor.
  • There are 3 dogs.