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Country Clinic

Country Clinic[ | ]

Not surprisingly, a clinic type of location. It consists of a large building in the center of the map with a parking lot around it. There are many cars parked on the lot. To the righ of the map upon entry are a few police cars blocking the way. on the left of the building are shelters. The place has all the feel of having undergone a serious tragedy. In front on an entrance is a ambulance. None of the doors seem to have been barricaded and it feels like the place has been overrun before any proper defense could be set up.

Location[ | ]

Found close to 60 miles west of the shelter, the country clinic is located to a few miles to the North of Route 190 and a few miles east of Route 277.

Resources[ | ]

This is a clinic and one would expect therefore a wealth of medical supplies. While there are a few medical its, an EMT kit, some codeine and others, there is not that much antibiotics to get. Food and luxuries, some luxury items, part, data items and some fuel.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Sensitive Medical Equipment
  • Data items(3)
  • Asthma Medication
  • Antibiotics

Enemies[ | ]

*Spoilers*[ | ]

In all there are up to forty zombies in this place including some seldom encountered ones like Shredded Doctor, Rotten Doctor and Reanimated Doctor giving some couleur locale there is nothing special about them: they perform as any other zombie(and die as quickly).

Upon entering there are three zombies to the right parking area and three to the left.

At ten are to the left sides of the building upon entering mostly gathered around the tent camp.

There are a few more to the back and right side.

Most are inside the clinic. and will stream out when you start blasting away.

Remarks[ | ]

Firing spawns zombies, but curiously not that many.

Observations[ | ]

Clearing out zombies from this place is a tedious job when done with close combat weapons and a room by room search. Unless you have a desperate need to go early(anti-biotics?) it is best left for later when you have firearms(or sir Charleston, but that is much later into the game).

Of course you can also switch to firearms which makes things a lot easier as the zombies will swarm towards you. Make sure you prepared for a zombie though! Opening fire in in front of the clinic drew in twenty+ zombies.

Trivia[ | ]

There is a good old tradition that hospitals and clinics wild be swarming with the unliving. In the game several allies propose visiting a hospital or clinic for one reason or another, allowing you to retort that they must be crazy to ask you to go to places crawling with the undead. 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead start both in hospitals and leaving us to ponder: how did those people survive unattended in a hospital for weeks on end while the world succumbed to the dead?

Notes[ | ]

Upon a revisit almost a month later I discovered there was a zombie near the entry point. I found this strange. Further investigation showed that zombies must have drifted into the place as throughout the clinic there were zombies at places that I cleared. Also there were two survivalists near the back entrance that opens to the tent camp. A survivalist and a survivalist scout. I am pretty sure they must have appeared later in the game as I usually clean out the whole place and indeed everything was looted, lock stock and barrel. (Confirm that there are new zombies as of at least Day 61). Also this page doesn't mention any survivalists. So here we go:

  • Survivalist Scout(alternative)(Aluminum Bat, Bola, Torch, Paintball Faceplate, Sneakers)
  • Survivalist(Night Stick, Lever-Action Rifle(4 bullets), 5 bullets, Camo paint, Combat Boots, Data Item, Powdered milk, Orange)