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The Coyotes Club Headquarters...

Coyotes Club Headquarters[ | ]

As the names implies, this is the HQ of the Coyotes gang. The HQ consists of three buildings. The largest is the club located roughly in the center. Then there is a smaller one that is connected to the larger one via a bridge, which seems outside the HQ area. and then there is a garage. There is also a parking lot with a semi-tuck, a few suv's, a truck and car and the choppers of the Coyotes.The whole is surrounded by a large fence that has two gates. There is also a fenced off area next to the HQ filled with zombies locked behind a gate.

There are also two buildings located on the approach to the HQ. One is a boarded up restaurant the other is a 7 shop.

Location[ | ]

The HQ is located at Stephenville and the junction of three roads, namely route 377, route 67 and route 281. A good spot if you want to roam far and wide. The HQ is located in the north-east of the map and a few hours travelling.

Resources[ | ]

This is a place with a lot of food, luxuries, parts, weapons, ammo, armor and fuel and will require at least two trips just to get it all transported to your shelter(unless you have the car). This assumes that you leave behind some of the combat equipment because at the stage of the game that you can take the Coyotes HQ out, you'll probably only want the ammo anyway.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • Welding gear
  • Data items
  • Mr. Stabby
  • Fuel(8 gallons at least)
  • Ammo(a lot if you plan it right).

Door, locks and alarms[ | ]

Most doors inside the compound are unlocked, but the important ones are.

The fence around the HQ has two gates. There is a front gate with a 120 rating, and a lock that requires a skill higher than 6.

There is also a back gate with a 120 rating, but with a lock that can be picked by skill 6. However, to use this back door you need to take out the zombies in the fenced area and a guard that overlooks the gate.

The smaller building has two doors; one next to the street is locked(too high for skill 6) and indestructible and one with a rating 100 and a lock that can be picked at skill 6. However this door is close to two guards although those might be bypassed without being spotted.

There are no alarms.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Coyotes
  • Zombies

*Spoilers*[ | ]

The Coyotes are spread out throughout their HQ. Here are their locations

Smaller building[ | ]

  • Coyote Scout(9 mm, bat) on the ground floor of the smaller building.
  • Coyote Enforcer(357 Magnum, Sledgehammer) on the first floor of the smaller building
  • Coyote Scout(9 mm, bat) on the terrace of the small building


HQ[ | ]

First Floor[ | ]
  • Coyote Outlaw (Hunting Shotgun, Fire Axe) on the terrace of the HQ.
  • Sweaty Dave near the stairs(Police Shotgun, Sledge Hammer).
  • Marshall Streeter(Mr. Stabby, Lever-Action Rifle)
  • Coyote Groupie(Snubnose and Machete)
  • Coyote Sergeant(Police Shotgun, Aluminum bat)
Ground Floor[ | ]
Kitchen[ | ]
  • Coyote Enforcer(357 Magnum, sledgehammer)
  • Coyote Groupie(Snubnose and Machete)
Weapon and training room[ | ]
  • Lady Coyote(9 mm, claw hammer)
Hallway[ | ]
  • Coyote Brawler(sledgehammer)
Gameroom[ | ]
  • Coyote Sergeant(Police Shotgun, Aluminum bat)


Outside near the cars[ | ]

  • Coyote Outlaw (Hunting Shotgun, Fire Axe)


Outside guarding the bikes[ | ]

  • Coyote Brawler(sledgehammer)
  • Coyote Guard(AKA7, nightstick)


Near or inside the garage[ | ]

  • Coyote Guard(AKA7, nightstick)
  • Coyote Scout(9 mm, bat)


Zombies[ | ]

Six are in the fenced off area.

Remarks: zombies can spawn because of gunshots. There seems to be a surprise spawn when one uses the stairs up the HQ and makes noises.

Combat observations(spoilers)[ | ]

This is one of those big battles in the game and probably forced upon you because of the Regina story line.

The opposition[ | ]

There are a lot of Coyotes and to make matters worse(or easy) zombies and zombie spawns.

However the Coyotes have a few weaknesses.

For one, they lack range as their longest ranged weapon is the AKA7 and that has a range of 7. Some don't even have guns. If you use the compound bow(range 12) or the lever-action rifle(range 10) or even the sniper rifle(range 15) you can use the fire and retreat tactic and take each coyote out before the next one appears.

Their other weakness is that they are spread out so they can be beaten in detail.

Another weakness is that the Coyotes on the first floor do not seems to go down and the ones on ground level probably not go up.

Possible tactics

> One advice would be to use as much weapons that make few sounds, like the silenced guns, bows and crossbows(unless you don't mind fighting off zombies and Coyotes).

> An option might be to use the zombies. You can use the zombies to attack the guards if you smash on the gate or even manage to break it down before the zombies break through their own gate.However this strategy means you can forget about looting the corpses for ammo as the guards will empty their guns on the zeds. In addition this might draw in more zombies and the Coyotes inside the garage and the ground level of the HQ. This will resulting in a massive fight and you can then pick up the pieces.

> There is a back door in the gate that can be reached via the zombie fenced area. You need to clear out the zombies first. It is unclear what the advantage would be as this is guarded by a Coyote. The way doesn't allow you to avoid the Coyotes inside the building, so what use this is unclear to me.