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Craig Sullivan

Craig Sullivan used to be a lab technician at a hospital before things fell apart. He's in a relationship with Karen Landey and they both escaped a riot resulting in a horde attack at their last shelter.

Recruitment[ | ]

Note: Craig and Karen Landey can only be recruited before Day 25 (May 17th).

Craig can be found together with Karen Landey in a place located south of Route 190. To reach the aforementioned place the player must simply travel from Splendid Shelter to Lampasas Shelter and a message reporting two people at sight will be shown nearly the end of the way. After encountering Craig and Karen, the place will be erased from your map.

When meeting Craig and Karen, you can either attack them (they can't put up much of a fight, and don't really have any supplies), tell them to keep walking, or invite them back to the Shelter. They'll give some details about the Lampasas Shelter they escaped from - and Craig dodges a question about having Karen see a doctor - and you'll be able to ask them to come back with you.

Events[ | ]


  • Three days after joining the Shelter, Craig asks the player not to take his girlfriend Karen out into the field, and begs you to take him out instead. He'll add that she has value being kept safe, since she's a helicopter pilot, but you can also argue that he's too valuable to be taken out himself because of his scientific skills. If you promise not to take her out, he'll get a Mood boost - and remember that you promised him. If you try to calm him down, he'll ask for another way to contribute - you can trade him a week of reduced rations for a week that Karen is not allowed to leave the Shelter, resulting in a very small Mood boost. If you tell him you can only try, he'll get a small Mood penalty - but if you dismiss or threaten him, he'll get a larger Mood penalty and stalk away.
  • If Craig has been in the Shelter for 4 days, and Mia is alive, Craig tells the player that Mia's been acting oddly. If you dismiss his concerns, he'll get a small Mood penalty, but if you agree to look into it, he'll get a small Mood boost.
  • Five days after joining the Shelter, Craig will ask the player for a few some extra rations for Karen. If the player has put him on low rations, you can grill him as to why he doesn't give her any extra food from him, but he'll say she'd suspect something. If you have the food available, you can choose to give it to him (Mood boost, -10 rations), or deny him any rations (Mood penalty).
  • If the player has helped Karen have an abortion, the day after the procedure, the player will run into Craig and Karen arguing - Craig is extremely upset, and partly blames the player. If the player has a Leadership skill of 6+ or a Negotiation skill of 5+, they can convince Craig to listen to Karen, and that their relationship is more important than the fight. The player can try to defend their decision, which results in Karen breaking up with Craig (smaller Mood loss for Karen, big Mood loss for Craig). The player can also say that Karen doesn't love Craig, resulting in Craig breaking up with Karen, and Karen being upset at the player's betrayal of her trust (significant Mood loss for both).
  • If Karen is bit while out in the field, Craig will scream at the player - and if the player didn't already know that Karen was pregnant, Craig will blame them for dooming both Karen and their baby. If the player had promised Craig not to take Karen out in the field, Craig will throw that back at them as well - and only if the player has a Negotiation skill of 5 or more or a Leadership of 6 or greater will they be able to select responses that don't end up with Craig hating them. If the player apologizes for their mistake, Craig will run off, pained, and suffer a Mood penalty - if the player is more cavalier or strict about their actions, Craig's penalty is even bigger. If Craig and Karen have broken up, these penalties are lessened. If the player is aggressive, Craig will suffer a massive Mood penalty, and hate the player character - this will influence the tone of all his dialogues from then on.
  • If Karen is killed while out in the field, Craig will yell at you for getting her killed, and suffer a massive Mood penalty. If you promised never to take her out, and don't have a Negotiation skill of 5 or more or a Leadership of 6 or greater, Craig will hate the player, which will influence all his dialogues from then on. If the player is outright aggressive with Craig, he will leave the Shelter for good.
  • If Craig is bit, there's multiple reactive options depending on his relationship with Karen.
    • If Karen is alive and still pregnant, you can promise to provide for the child (small Mood boost) or tell him to snap out of it for Karen's sake (small Mood penalty).
    • If Karen is alive and not pregnant (but they're still together), you can promise him you'll put him out of his misery so Karen won't have to (small Mood boost) or to stop thinking about it (small Mood penalty).
    • If Karen has broken up with him, he'll threaten the player with a knife. The player can exile him (and either let him go or kill him as he's walking away); if they have 3+ points in Negotiation, they can remind him that Karen still cares about him; if they have +3 points in Leadership, they can chalk it up to a leader's decision (which Craig is not happy to hear - and will lead to you having to either threaten to kill him, shoot him outright, or if you have Negotiation +3 - try to calm him down). You can also say you weren't responsible for breaking them up - he'll counter by asking for one good reason why he should stay (6+ Negotiation or +7 Leadership lead to options where he has a medium Mood penalty, and hates the player), allowing the player to exile him.
    • If Karen is dead, he will be aggressive, and you can apologize, threaten to exile him, or threaten to kill him. If you apologize, he'll ask for a reason to stay (6+ Negotiation or +7 Leadership lead to options where he has a medium Mood penalty, and hates the player); if you threaten to exile him, you can kill him as he's leaving or kick him out; if you threaten to kill him, you can exile him or end his life for real.
  • If Mia is in the Shelter, he will comment that she likely has a drug addiction and from personal experience of also having taken hard drugs in the past.

Special Requests[ | ]

Luxury Items

  • Coffee Beans


  • Stone-Reinforced Fence

Stats[ | ]

See also Ally Stats.

Survivors develop their skills over time, these stats represent their starting point.

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Craig's skill progression focuses a bit widely at first, but focuses soon on alternating a focus in Science and Medical with Melee, Survival, and Ranged skills. His stats are Strength, Vigor, Agility.

Traits[ | ]

  • Shaken: "Past experiences have made Craig nervous about lack of food, resulting in an additional -2 Morale Penalty at low food."
  • Recovery: "Being able to relax and feel safe is important to Craig, resulting in an additional 1 Morale per day with the Rec Room upgrade."
  • Tenacious: "Craig's determination to survive gives him a 10% increased dodge bonus when he is at 50% health or less."
  • Rock Solid: "This ally enjoys having a Stone-Reinforced Fence around the Shelter, and will gain a one-time mood boost after it is completed."

Play Style[ | ]

Craig shines in mid-game as one of the few Science oriented characters, but suffers in early game due to his lack of Mechanical skill. Until the Lab upgrade is built, Craig is best suited for other Shelter-based jobs such as fence repair or custodian. His naturally high stats for melee allows him to fight quite well against enemies however and has enough medical skills to act as a backup medic in battle. His high science also means he can immediately use weapon poisons to inflict additional damage.

Craig will react negatively to killing neutral survivors.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Age: 25
  • Hometown: Woodway, TX
  • Sick event: vertigo
  • Subleader Supported: Todd
  • Shelter Location: First floor, near entrance to basement
  • Craig's visual reference was actor Chris Masterson.