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Crisis events require the player to make especially difficult decisions. These decisions affect the law or policies of the shelter’s inhabitants, and almost every ally will lose or gain mood when you make these decisions. If you have authority figures in the school, they will want to recommend a course of action and depending on how well they respect you or if you consider their advice, they may be able to persuade other allies that you made the right choice and give you an additional mood and morale boost or loss depending on their reaction.

For example, one crisis involves the supply of antibiotics running low and dealing with the school’s infected allies. You might want to make finding antibiotics a priority or give them to a few key people, or kick the infected out, but it’s not an easy decision and some people are going to die, some will hate you, and some will think you run a tight ship.

The layout of a crisis event is through subleaders and non affiliated survivors, affiliated survivors will make the decision based on their mood of the shelter. A high mood means they are willing to disagree but respect your decision and agree if they do not have a subleader to look up to. However they will always be in support of their subleader if they are in charge.

List of Crises[ | ]

Dodgy Water: Davis notices that the water has been tasting odd and fearing poisoning calls for a meeting to decide if resources and his own time should be expended to ensure the water system remains safe for the people of the Shelter

  • Do Nothing: Morale loss for everybody. Renee, Davis, Joel, Anita, and Priscilla eventually get sick several days later and you lose 50 Morale due to your lack of judgement. Avoided if you have the Well Upgrade.
  • Fix it Immediately: -30 Parts, -1 Fuel and Davis is unavailable for 2 Days
  • Fix it slowly: -10 Parts and Davis is unavailable for 5 Days

Regina and the Coyotes: The Coyotes arrive to demand their tribute and Regina, the decision is made to either stand their ground, sacrifice Regina or give in to the extortion demands.

  • Pay In Full: Pay the demanded resources in full but keep Regina in the Shelter.
  • Offer Regina: Regina Leaves the Shelter.
  • Fight: Get aggressive with the Coyotes, resulting in frequent attacks to the fence and ambushes.
  • Negotiate a smaller amount of resources (Requires Negotiation Skills): Same as Tribute but more people agree.

Epidemic: A disease takes it's toll on the Shelter and the decision is to either ignore the epidemic or to deal with it immediately

  • Do nothing: No resources is used, but future sickness crisis events will happen again. (Lloyd)
  • Use Antibiotics: -30 Antibiotics, a certain amount of people is sick for 3 Days (Paul, Todd, Sandy)
  • Quarantine: No Antibiotics used but certain allies remain sick for 5 days (Vic, Regina)

Murder: One of the survivors have been murdered and a decision must be made. Several witnesses and suspects will come/be brought forth. You have to decide who to blame (be careful, as you can not revert that decision), pinning it on the wrong survivor will result in a harsher morale loss as well as draw suspicion from Vic as he knows the others couldn't be responsible.

  • Show Mercy: Survivor does not go to jail and get reduced rations for the remainder of the game
  • Execute: Survivor is executed immediately to satisfy the calls for justice.
  • Exile: Survivor is Exiled from the Shelter.
  • Imprisoned: The Survivor is imprisoned in the cell. They are unable to be used for jobs and will receive reduced rations.

Mutiny: After the vote to decide that you would continue to run the shelter, a price must be made for the traitor.

  • Spare the leader, with a Negotiation over 7 you can convince the leader to offer you a second chance and gain a boost in respect
  • Exile the leader.
  • Deny a week worth of rations to the mutineer.
  • Execute the leader.

Poor Morale: Morale issues have plagued the shelter from recent events, Davis proposes a means to help alleviate morale loss.

  • Do nothing immediately but search for luxuries to alleviate morale loss.
  • (Negotiation 5) Create a false radio chatter that relief is on it's way (Requires Lloyd to be in the shelter): +100 Morale
  • (Leadership 8, Negotiation 6) Give everybody some time off by using your leadership to convince them that taking a day off will not have negative repercussions to the shelter: +150 Morale, everyone is unavailable.
  • Give the people extra rations in the shelter to boost their spirits: +100 Morale, -50 Food
  • (Requires favor) Give the subleaders increased rations in exchange for them to convince the followers that the situation is under control: +20 Morale Per Subleader alive
  • Do Nothing about it and take care of the uncooperative survivors.

Low Food Reserves: Food is running low in the shelter and precautions are needed to ensure food supplies are stable

  • Do nothing but find food for everybody
  • Ration food for a week while using leadership skills to assure everything is under control (+50 Morale
  • Ration food for week without pacifying the issue (-100 Morale)
  • Consume any item on hand to prevent starvation (-100 Morale, +50 Food)
  • (Leadership 7) Prevent one day of eating in exchange for finding more food (No food consumed for one day)
  • Do nothing and attempt to exile starving survivors.

Lloyd's Special Treatment: Lloyed is in the shelter and people are upset with his special treatment. This effect occurs after Paul and Lloyd confront one another.

  • Keep him offduty. This means he will only be available if you pay him in the morning. (1 Whole Bean coffe or 5 Food, OR if you negotiated with him: 3 food) (Lloyd)
  • Lloyd will have to work like everyone else. (Vic, Paul, Todd)
  • Remove him from the shelter. (Regina, Sandy)

Stolen Antibiotics: Someone stole 20 antibiotics. Several witnesses and suspects will come/be brought forth. You have to decide who to blame (be careful, as you can not revert that decision), pinning it on the wrong survivor will result in a morale loss.

  • Forgive the thief(Troy), as he was honest in coming forth with the truth.
  • Exile the thief.
  • No rations for the thief for 5 days.
  • One Week of reduced rations.

Lt. Hartz wants Supplies: Lt. Hartz showed up at the shelter on day 42 and was asking for supplies(40 food and 20 gallons of fuel).

  • Don't give them anything.
  • Give them what they want.
  • (Negotiation) Give them only half of what they asked for and convince them that you do what you can to help.

Lt. Wes Adair wants Supplies: Lt. Wes Adair shows up at the shelter on day 62, asking for supplies (50 food).

  • Don't give them anything.
  • Give them what they want.
  • (Negotiation) Give them only half of it but convince them that you do all you can to help.
  • Stand up to them and declare war.

Lt. Wes Adair wants Paul Rainier to rejoin the Military: Lt. Wes Adair shows up at the shelter on day 67 and ask for Paul Rainier to rejoin the military under special order.

  • If you let Paul join, you'll lose him as an ally, but gain Respect from Adair.
  • If you refuse to let Paul join, Adair will lose Respect (the Military will not become hostile).
  • If you make a show of force towards the Military, Adair will lose Respect, and the Military will become hostile.
    • If you don't have Paul in the Shelter, Adair will ask for 30 Antibiotics. If you give him the Antibiotics, he'll gain Respect. If you have a Negotiation skill of 9 or more, you can say you don't have

Lt. Wes Adair wants you to hand Ken Nash over to him: If you allowed Ken Nash into the Shelter, Adair will show up on day 78 and demand you hand him over.

  • If you agree, Adair will gain Respect for you, but Nash will die in an attempt to escape.
  • If you have a Negotiation skill of 8 or more (and Adair respects you), you can ask Adair to let Nash go - he'll make it clear that doing so would cause him to lose Respect for you. Adair will let Nash go, causing him to lose Respect.
  • If you refuse, Adair will lose Respect, and the Military will become hostile.

Rape: Clifford attempted to rape Aimee due to failure on the player's part to reign him in, note that taking any decision aside from death or exile will result in total disagreement from Regina regardless if her respect is 5 or higher as her respect loss from a high respect costs 3 respect points, while losing 5 respect points if she disagrees strongly. Additionally Aimee will protest, that her safety is not accounted for, if Clifford is not exiled/executed.

  • Imprison Clifford
  • Exile Clifford
  • Execute Clifford
  • Offer amnesty for Clifford