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Dayman Karate Studio

The Dayman Karate Studio...

Dayman Karate Studio[ | ]

The Karate Studio is a small building that is part of a row of buildings. At this place there is also A Figgin Chikin restaurant. The right side of the map is taken up by sportsfield and a playground.

Location[ | ]

The place is located about 20 miles west of Stephenville.

Resources[ | ]

Not that much to loot and what there is is mostly luxuries and food. Most extra loot can be found on Lord Texan and his merry band. There are an apple and orange tree on the the on the playground/sportsfield.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Dumbbell
  • Data items(4) on the named hostiles
  • Fishing Pole in the shop next to the Karate Studio

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

Most doors are open except for the back doors of the shops. They have a rating of 70.

Enemies[ | ]

There are no zombies here, just the small group of hostiles.

  • Named enemies
    • Lord Texan(Dragoon, Chainmail Armor, Gauntlets, Construction Boots, Roleplaying game, Fantasy Novel, Rotten Fruit, data item)
    • LOLo(Crossbow(1 Bolt), Pipe Wrench, 5 Bolts, Firefighter gear, guitar, wine, Butcher gloves, shin guards, data item)
    • Maria(9 mm Pistol(3 bullets), MSG-10(15 bullets), Kitchen Knife, Molotov Cocktail, Soap, Bike Helmet, Riding Leather, Tactical Arm Guard, Sneakers, Adrenaline Shot, data item)
    • Dupe Ray(Combat Machete, Football Helmet, Cleats, Bracer, Replica Shield, Motorcross Armor, Codeine, Cigarettes, data item)