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I have a 50k paid for house a 25k semi truck and a 382 monthly car panyemt my score is under 600only 1 credit card with a 500. limit and the usual billsmy brother is in hock over 200k on his house 40k for his hummer and about 25k for motor home his score is over 800 he cant pay his bills without using his credit cards and refinancing he is short about 1200. per month but he has been able to float but he is sinking bad.I owe under 15000. for everything I own have a decent income but will not get buried in credit card debt.the system is realy backwards. He just did a refi for 250k and took all equity out of his house again to pay off his credit cardhe does not earn enough money to pay his billsI have about 2500 a month extra my credit score has been in the 540 to 570 range for 5 years. when are the fico scores going to stop requiring so much debt to raise credit score .that is just backwards