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After struggling to write stage plays with the pahitetc and totally incorrect stageplay template in FINAL DRAFT, I noticed Movie Magic Screenwriter, which I used to use years ago, had a new version out. After spending a couple hours on the tutorials, I have to say, they really got it right this time. The integration of flexible outlining and note-taking with the draft of your screenplay, play, novel, or whatever is superb. Writers need to outline, take various types of notes, and draft. I'm not sure why it took so many years for a program to finally combine these functions on one screen rather than separating them, but MMS 6 is the best I've seen yet. It's also very flexible and you can show or hide any elements, as you wish. With the new version of Final Draft said to be over a year away, I'm ready to jump ship. MMS 6 seems more stable, sensible, and convenient all around.