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Introduction[ | ]

The Diamondback Garden Center at Abilene is located on a medium sized area that consists of the Diamond Back Garden Center, a 7 store and an All American Fine Diner and Bar diner.

Layout[ | ]

You will enter on Hill Street, the short end of a T-crossing with First Street. This divides the place into three parts. To the left of Hill street is the 7 Store. To the right is the All American Diner. The biggest area, at the head of the t-crossing is the Garden Center itself, with an outside area and the large store itself.

Location[ | ]

This place can be found in the north of Abilene about 90 miles of the shelter due North.

Resources[ | ]

A place that has a mostly parts, some fuel, luxuries and food. Lots of tools inside the store, especially the workplace.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Welding Torch in the back area
  • Packet of Seeds inside the store
  • Construction boots in the bags of cements

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

The 7 store is has open doors, except for the back door that is locked. Rating is 70. The diner is locked with doors rating 30 back and front and an alarm.

Allies & Neutrals[ | ]


Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies
  • Looters

A few zombies are sprinkled around the place. A few on the streets and one or two inside the 7 store and none in the diner.

Looters[ | ]

These are located in or around the Garden Center. Outside or near the entrance

  • Nervous Looter(snubnose(3 x 38 mm bullets), 1 x 38 mm bullet, bandages, cigarettes, chocolate bar, kitchen knife)
  • Tough Looter(brush Hook, paintball faceplate, mystery can, toilet paper, cigarettes)
  • Weird Looter(sickle, pepper spray, bike helmet, basketball, potato, snack cake and crackers)
  • Male Looter(machete, chips, mystery can).
  • Female Looter(snubnose(6 bullets), hatchet, toilet paper, cab of soup)

Inside in the back

  • Fast Looter(9 mm pistols(6 bullets), combat knife, mystery can, coffee)
  • Angry Looter(wood axe, codeine, vitamine pills)

Back area

  • Armed Looter(9 mm Pistol(8 bullets), snubnose(6 bullets), pipe wrench, lockpick, sanitary pads, parts(2))

Remarks[ | ]

  • Low spawning of zombies.
  • A curious place that you probably enter in the later stages of the game. Curious because the handful of zombies and the small group looters are no match for you. It feels like this place should belong closer to the shelter as it's low loot yield coupled with the weak opposition suggests so. However, it might be possible this is merely to suggests the overall spread of the zombies: with Austin being the source and the zombies spreading out from there.
  • There is a stack of cement bags that curiously doesn't contain a bag of cement, but construction boots. I think most loot is fixed, but please make a not if you find out differently.

Notes[ | ]