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Dogtag - is a basically a soldier dogtag, which can be looted from killed soldiers at various locations during the course of the game. After player meets with Militia faction, they will be able to trade dogtags for food and fuel. Depending of how much player will decimate rogue soldiers ranks, the amount of resources obtained through trading could be really enourmous.

(NOTE: Only alive soldiers and rogue soldiers will drop dogtags, undead ones won't. Mercs and Starved Soldiers also won't drop them)

Locations[ | ]

Total - 75 dogtags

Trading[ | ]

During the course of the game the player will eventually meet Jefferson Claude, the leader of Militia. If during the discussion you bring up the trading topic, Jefferson will show his interest in trading dogtags for food and fuel. The trading options are:

  • One dogtag for 5 food
  • Five dogtags for 8 food and 2 gallons of fuel

But in case player has high enough Negotiation skill, two more options will appear:

  • One dogtag for 6 food and 1 gallon of fuel
  • Five dogtags for 30 food and 5 gallons of fuel (equal to previous one)

In result, by trading all possible dogtags, the player can get up to 450 food and 75 gallons of fuel, which are equal to 6 skillpoints in addition to their base benefits.