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Downtown San Saba[ | ]

This the center of San Saba and Main street is crawling with zombies. Melina Guzman and Oscar Guzman can be recruited here.

Location[ | ]

Downtown San Saba is located to the northeast of the Shelter and takes 4 hours to walk at survival rate 3. It has a Church, a Bounty of the County Grocer, a gun shop, a unnamed Pharmacy in front of the Church where the Guzmans have fled to. There is a parking lot between the gunshop and the Pharmacy with a couple cars and a van.

Resources1[ | ]

Not a big loot place but there is a bit of everything. The zombies can be looted for various items, notably parts.

Gunshop[ | ]

Four loot points: Ammo Display with some 9 mm, 38 mm ammo and a bolt. Thrown weapons display: firecracker and bola. Equipment locker in the back: police shotgun without ammo. Toilet.

Parking[ | ]

Two cars and a Diamondback Hardware van. 3 Gallons of fuel, some tools.

Nameless Street leading away from Main Street.[ | ]

Abandoned car: 5 Gallons of fuel. Dumpster: rotten fruit, insects.

Bounty of the County Grocer[ | ]

Four loot points: food and luxuries.

Church[ | ]

Four loot points: two in the central backroom behind a locked door(rating 10) and guarded by an Armed Looter. Mostly luxury items in the trunks and weapons on the looter(two handguns and a Pipe Wrench).

Pharmacy[ | ]

Three loot points: mostly medicine(go figure).

Notable loot[ | ]

  • Police shotgun in the arms store.
  • Combat boots on the officer corpse.
  • 8 Gallons of fuel.

Enemies[ | ]

This place has a lot of zombies, most hanging out one Main street, neatly spaced out so killing them feels like a bit like a sudoku a puzzle. Note that some zombies are placed in the shadows of the trees making them hard to spot.

  • Zombies
  • An Armed Looter.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

There are 27 on this map, most of them on Main Street.

- Main Street, where it crosses Oak Street up till the parking lot.

  • Twelve zombies: Dead Cop, Battered Corpse, Male Corps, Shuffling Corpse, Reeking Woman, Looter Corpse, Camo Corpse, Slashed Woman, Stumbling Man, Deceased Woman, Decomposing Woman and Rotting Woman.

- Main Street, where it crosses Hill Street till the parking lot.

  • Two zombies: Staggering Corpse, Rotten Looter.

- Street leading away from the parking lot and Main Street.

  • Eight zombies: Dead Biker(near the wall at the back of the Grocer) Leaky Male, Dead Firefighter, Chewed Man(under the tree next to the church), Mangled Woman, Officer Corpse)also under the trees), Physician Corpse and Gutless Corpse.

- Parking Lot

  • Rotting Male.

- Hill Street

  • Three Zombies: Chewed Woman(on the corner near the Church), Gross Man, Shuffling Woman.

- Gunshop

  • No enemies.
  • The gun shop has a Locked front door with a rating of 50 and a locked rear door that has a rating 100. Good luck with that at this stage of the game, but it might be used to draw away zombies from the main street. If you smash it, it draws away the zombies at the front of the store(four or five). However, they bunch together. Now, if you just had something like a grenade, flamethrower or a howitzer(or another door to bang upon^^).

- Bounty of the County Grocer

  • One Dead Looter in the storeroom just two paces to the left of the entrance.

- Church

  • The locked room in the back(rating 10) has an Armed Looter that is equipped with a 9 MM pistol, a .38 snubnose for backup and a Pipe Wrench. If not taken care of quickly it will draw in zombies as it starts shooting first. The locked back doors of the church have rating 40.

Making loud noises doesn't seem to spawn zombies(it seems the noise level is cut off at 100) possibly to allow players that are unable to pick the lock on the front of Pharmacy to smash it open without being interfered with.

Recruitable Allies[ | ]

The Guzmans are in the Pharmacy, you can have them join or not, but you will be turning down one of the best builders in the game if you don't. Nope, not Oscar, but Melanie, she will advance in science and mechanics enough to be able to create the Apocalypse Armor. Oscar is a decent builder too, so you will not be sorry to keep them(and regarding her sickness: you will be swimming in anti-biotics if your play your cards right).

Trivia[ | ]

San Saba is a city(?) of about 3000 souls and is the county seat of San Saba County. It is known for producing Pecan beans. The game vaguely resembles it. There is no Main Street, the central street being called Wallace Street(which is actually part of Route 190). There is also no Oak Street, although there is a Live Oak Street crossing Wallace and High Street. Hill street is a small street that is no way near Wallace Street. There is a Pharmacy in San Saba called Everett's Pharmacy which is located on Wallace Street but it doesn't resemble the building in the game. There is no church in San Saba that resembles the church in the game(Sources: Wikipedia and researching San Saba).

Notes[ | ]

1 Resouces could vary.