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The Downtown Splendid...

Downtown Splendid[ | ]

Downtown Splendid is an area not far to the south from the Shelter. It contains a street with five buildings, a parking lot and deep sink hole. The buildings are the City Hall, An All American Fine Diner and Bar, a Bounty of the Country Grocer, A police station and the E-Z Laundry. Te parking lot contains a row of police cars and there are a few cars on the street.

Location[ | ]

Downtown Splendid is a very short distance walking from the Shelter to the south. It is to the east of Route 87.

Resources[ | ]

This spot contains mostly luxury items, food, some weapons. There is hardly any fuel and parts.

The Diner has three lootable spots, two in the diner area and one in the kitchen. The Grocer contain has two shelves in the shop area and four in the storage area. Both have a mix of food and luxury items. The City Hall contains no less than eleven lootable spots mostly luxury items. The Police Station contains eleven lootable spots too, with two gun cabinets that can give some weaponry such as two loaded 9 MM pistols and further contains mostly mixture of luxury items and snacks. The E-Z Laundry contains some clothes that go as luxury items. The cars contain a mix of loot, but surprisingly not much fuel. There are four lootable cars, two on the street in front of the Police Station. One parked police car to the side on the parking lot and a car on the same parking.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies
  • Looters

*Spoilers*[ | ]

There are about four zombies around and there are four looters in front of the Police Station, two of them are at the crossing where E-Z Laundry is located, the other two are closer to the parking lot near the abandoned pickup. The looters can be quite a challenge early in the game as one(near the pickup) has a double barreled shotgun, which does some hefty damage and has a chance to cause a knockdown, but also will draw in zombies. The City Hall is locked with a rating 30 door on the street side and a rating 10 on the back. It also has an alarm that can be disabled with a level 2 science skill. The Police Station has an indestructible door towards the street and a rating 100 locked door in the back. Banging on that door will lure in the two Looters at the crossing of E-Z laundry and possibly some zombies.