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Dublin Bar Route
Dublin Bar Outside

The Dublin Bar...

Dublin Bar[ | ]

The Dublin Bar is place to have some drinks and to listen to live music. The club looks like a brick factory building next to a sizable parking lot. There is just two cars.

Location[ | ]

The Dublin Bar is located along Route 377 and about 10 miles south-west from Stephenville.

Resources[ | ]

Some tidbits, flare gun in a car.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • Guitar Strings
  • DVD player

Enemies & Allies[ | ]

  • Aggro Moss, a musician. She has a bit of an attitude that goes with the name, but soon turn out to be otherwise laid-back and detached. Humor her.
  • The only enemy you will meet is Aggro's former boyfriend and manager Alan who has turned into a zombie, but that is after you recruited Aggro and she has asked you to have a look if her ex-boyfriend has survived. You can dispatch him.

Trivia[ | ]

At the location where the Dublin Bar is, is actually a town called Dublin. It doesn't have a bar of the same name though, nor a place that resembles the Dublin bar.