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Meeting Gillian in the Austin Outskirts

Fairchild's Organics[ | ]

Fairchild's Organics is a farm and was used as a base for the Coyotes, as nearly all Zombies are of the Coyote type.

Location[ | ]

East of the 283 in the north part of the map.

Resources[ | ]

It's a great place for fresh food as it has several fruit trees. No chickens though :(

  • Dumbbell (Trunk,bedroom)
  • DVD Player (Entertainment system)
  • DVDs (Entertainment system)
  • Bag of Cement (by water tower)
  • Toolbox(shed near the gas tank)
  • Seeds Packets(Garden Trunk behind the house)
  • Fuel(10 Gallons)

Enemies[ | ]