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Fiona Parks

Fiona Parks is a determined young woman who was robbed by looters when she had a car accident, but managed to get her stuff back. Unfortunately they saw her leaving and hunted her down.

Background[ | ]

Fiona was born in Shreveport, LA as an only child. Her initial upbringing was a happy one with loving parents who cared for her, her father was a military man and taught Fiona many practical trades while her mother taught her to be a ladylike woman. However when her mother left her when she was only 9, her father entered a slow depression that ate at him before his botched suicide when she was only 15 years old and Fiona took care of her father until he passed away 3 years later. Her life was unremarkable until the apocalypse hit and she was stricken by a new string of disasters.

Recruitment[ | ]

Fiona can be found at "Friendly Fred's", east of Abilene on Route 20. When you encounter her, she'll have locked herself in the house portion of a home/store, with violent looters ready to break down the door and kill her. At your appearance, they'll switch targets and attack you.

After the looters are dead, the door between the home and the store is unlocked, and Fiona will thank you for saving her. You can force her out of the store, press her to get the whole story of how she ended up there, or allow her to come with you.

Note that she will not appear until the looters are dead - merely leaving them bleeding out on the floor is not enough.

Events[ | ]


Note: Fiona will become psychotically obsessed with the player character due a traumatic childhood and the recent chain of events. Depending on the choices made through dialogue interaction and how much she trusts you (i.e. her obsession), she may end up killing certain Allies or herself.

  • If Fiona trusts you enough, she'll ask for some extra food as reassurance that she's in a safe place. If you have at least 10 food, you can give it to her, resulting in a Mood boost. If you dismiss her, she'll get a small Mood penalty. If you have enough food and 5 or more points in Negotiation, you can give her only 5 food for a Mood boost. If you have 6 or more Leadership, she'll get a small Mood boost and no Food. If you don't have enough food, Fiona will get a small Mood boost and voluntarily not eat for the day.
  • The morning after Fiona joins the Shelter, she'll complement you on the Shelter, and ask what she can do to help as she had a lot of skills taught by her father. If you suggest she help in the field, she'll pick up the "Field Support" trait; if you ask her to help in the Shelter, she'll get the "Shelter Support" trait.
  • Nearly a week after Fiona joins the Shelter, she'll give the player 10 antibiotics. If you ask where she got them, she'll say she'd had them in her bag the whole time. If you're glad she had them, Fiona will get excited and gain trust in you - if you're angry that she was hiding them, she be apologetic and lose a little trust. Depending on the player's follow-up, Fiona may gain a lot of trust (if you're flattering) or lose some (telling her you're all in this together).
  • Two weeks after joining, Fiona will ask the player what they think of her: their response can either greatly raise her obsession level (by saying she pleases you) or lower it (being dismissive). She'll speak of how they gave her hope, and how she's convinced they can change things. This is the first opportunity to shut down her obsession towards you.
  • Shortly after this, if Doug is in the Shelter, the player will run across the two of them arguing over your leadership (If Doug despises you he will criticize you while if he considers you a friend he would see himself as the true second in command). If you take Fiona's side, she'll gain a small Mood boost while Doug gets a Mood penalty, and vice-versa. If you have a Negotiation of 5 or greater, you can tell both of them to take a half-day off to work together (give both a small Mood boost, but takes them out of work for half a day each). If you have a Leadership of 7 or higher, you can order them both to knock it off. If you leave them alone, both of them will take a medium Mood penalty.
  • About two and a half weeks after joining, Fiona will warn the player that she thinks there are people in the Shelter plotting against them. If you ask for details and take her seriously, she'll gain trust; asking her for more info doesn't lead to a change; dismissing her concerns leads to a trust loss.
  • At nearly three weeks in the Shelter, Fiona tells the player that she feels the person plotting against them is going to strike, and she is going to take necessary actions to protect their life. If you try to calm her down or take her seriously, she'll grow more obsessed; trying to dismiss her will reduce her obsession. If you tell her to sleep, she'll be sick for the following day; if you tell her to work, she'll be available for tasks. This is final opportunity to actually shut down her obsession.
  • At just over three weeks in the Shelter, if Fiona's obsession with you has not been shut down properly regardless of previous dialogue, she will turn violent: either she will kill one of the people she sees as a "threat" (in order: Doug, Elaine, Darlene, Troy), or, if those characters are not in the Shelter, wake you at gunpoint and try to get you to run away with her - leading either to the player killing her or her killing herself.
  • If Fiona committed murder and you decided to imprison her, you can visit her in prison, much to her delight. She'll reveal part of her backstory if you didn't asked her already, and give you a chance to undo your earlier judgement - either killing her yourself, having someone else kill her, or executing her - or walk away. If you speak with her, Davis will have a follow-up dialogue with you, reactive to what you did in your conversation.
  • If at any point you try to shut down Fiona's obsession with you, she may either turn sullen (at which point you can attempt to talk sense to her via her Shelter dialogue or exile her outright), run away, or (very graphically) kill herself. Davis will let you know if the latter two instances occur.
  • Fiona will assist you in the Bus and Airport escape should you choose either option.
  • If she is infected and is trusting of you, she will ask you to be the one to mercy kill her and depending on your reaction will gain or lose mood. If not she will kill herself the day after.

Special Requests[ | ]

Luxury Items

  • Fancy Chocolate


  • Shooting Range

Stats[ | ]

See also Ally Stats.

Survivors develop their skills over time, these stats represent their starting point.

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Fiona leaps around somewhat in her skill gain, picking up points first in Medical, Mechanical, and Survival, then secondary collections in Ranged, Negotiation, and Leadership. Her stats gain in Vigor, Perception, Strength, and then Agility.

Traits[ | ]


  • Home On The Range: This ally enjoys having a Shooting Range in the Shelter, and will gain a one-time mood boost after it is completed.

(Gained via conversation):

  • Field Support: Fiona's devotion to the player is reflected in her new-found skills in Survival and Ranged.
  • Shelter Support: Fiona's devotion to the player is reflected in her new-found skills in Mechanical and Medical.

Play Style[ | ]

Fiona is a gamble - she can become a mainstay in the combat team or a workhorse at the Shelter, depending on how the player's relationship with her goes. However, her unstable personality may have other consequences.

Fiona will not react to killing neutral survivors.

There seems to be a bug where fiona might not spawn at Friendly Freds. Happened on Day 58 with Clifford Ghaffey freshly recruited (and not yet brought back to the base). On reload, without Clifford, Fiona is there.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Age: 25
  • Hometown: Shreveport, LA
  • Sick Event: ulcer
  • Subleader Supported: Sandy
  • Shelter Location: Second floor, just outside player's room