Dead State Wiki
  • Fishing is an action that can be taken when one is at a fishing hole on the map, and has a Fishing Pole in one's inventory. There are 3 fishing holes on the map, each is supposed to be depleatable, but this needs confirmation.
  • There are some players who believe that each ally who possesses a fishing pole also adds their survival skill to increase the odds of catching a fish, however that is not the case. The amount or distribution of fishing poles is irrelevant. The survival skill of the main character, the survival skill of the allies and the traits are the major contribution here. The survival skill seems to be added together, just as in traveling. The usefull traits are harvester by Troy Cooper and Master angler by Nathan Harris.
  • Fish can contribute a large amount (4 units per fish) of fresh food and weights a lot, so be sure to have enough space in your inventory and the capabiliy to actually consume the fish you catch over the next days. It expires in 1 day or in 3 days if you have a fridge. The maximum amount caught in 1 go (8 hours) so far is: 62. (Main Character on 10 Survival, Troy with harvester and survival 10, Nathan with master angler and survival 7 and Max with survival 10 with him)
  • The chances of success in catching fish may be determined by the player's survival skills. This is confirmed, as a playercharacter with survival 1, a fishing pole and Nathan Harris (master angler and survival 5 at the time) ,Priscilla Butler (survival 7) and Max Getz (survival 6) didn't catch anything in 8 hours. On the other hand a playercharacter with the same people (all on survival 10 at the time, as it was later in game) and survival 10 caught round- about 30 fishes.
  • If a player has no skill in survival skill, the player will not catch any fish. This is even if allies in the party who have survival are carrying fishing poles. May be a bug.