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The Fort Stockton Emergency Shelter is an emergency shelter. It is a fenced off area with a massive building, some tents. On the road in front of the fence are a lot of abandoned vehicles.

Layout[ | ]

The shelter is next to a road upon which you arrive. The shelter is completely surrounded by a wire fence. The shelter itself is a large building that takes up most of the center of the area. Behind the shelter, taken from the road, are tents.

Location[ | ]

Another place that is far out to the west. It is located on the edge of the map where the Interstate Highway 10 leaves the map.

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

Almost all door unlocked. Some are even open. A few doors leading to better loot are locked. Also the backdoor entry of the shelter is locked.

Resources[ | ]

Food and other stuff. As long as you don't go inside the main entrance of the building you can loot without invoking an attack from the soldiers and inside you can even get a lot without triggering an attack. The soldiers are located in the rooms to the right of the entrance.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • MS4 in one of the tents behind the building
  • Grenade in one of the tents behind the building
  • Anti-biotics in one of the container offices in front of the main building and in the tents behind the building and some inside the building
  • Tactical Vests on the soldiers(40 Lbs)
  • Advanced Tactical Vests(15 Lbs) and Riot Helmet in an equipment room
  • Tear Gas grenades (3), Timed Explosive and a Grenade in the same equipment room.
  • Compound Bow
  • Surgical Tools in the hospital wing
  • There are weapons in a special room that is locked.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Rogue Soldiers are inside this building.


  • Rogue Captain(MS4 (15 bullets), Combat Boots, Marksman Gloves, Combat Helmet, Tactical Vest, Combat Knife, Dog Tags, Cigarettes, Grenade)
  • Rogue Commando(Combat Boots, Hard Knuckle Gloves, Gas Mask, Tactical Vest, Combat Knife, Dog Tags, Cigarettes, Tear Gas)
  • Rogue Soldier(MK5, Combat Boots, Tactical Vest, Combat Knife, Dog Tags, Mystery Can, Potted Meat)
  • Rogue Soldier(9 mm, Combat Boots, Weightlifting Gloves, Combat Machete, Dog Tags, Protein Bars)