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Freedom Lane Apartments on the map


Freedom Lane Apartments

Freedom Lane Apartments[ | ]

Freedom Lane Apartments is a residential area with two rows of houses.

Location[ | ]

Found south-west off the 377 about 60 miles south-west from the shelter at Splendid. About 20 miles south-west from Junction at Interstate 10.

Resources[ | ]

A place for luxuries in the apartments and fuel in the cars. Some other tidbits can be gotten here too.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Dumbbell
  • Cricket Bat

Enemies[ | ]

The enemies here consists of Zombies and Looters.

Looters[ | ]

Row of apartments left of the office building.

  • Crazed Looter
  • Angry Looter
  • Fast Looter

Row of Apartments right of office building

  • Female Looter
  • Male Looter
  • Experienced Looter
  • Nervous Looter
  • Though Looter

Trivia[ | ]

Notes[ | ]