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The Gas and Gulp Street is a crossing of Oak street running East-West and Hill street running North-South, which divides up the area into four parts, with each part containing one building. Upon entry clockwise: a T-Rexaco gas station, a Taco The Town restaurant, a Friggin Chikin restaurant and a Java Manatee coffee bar. Behind the bar across a parking lot is also a OI' Scratch Pizza takeaway and a Sweet Swirlies Yoghurt Bar. Upon entry you get drawn into a shootout between survivalists and looters which in turn draws in the zombies from the surrounding buildings.

Location[ | ]

The Gas & Gulp street is located along Route 183 about 20 miles south of Interstate 20.

Resources[ | ]

There is a lot of food and luxuries to get. Weapons, ammo and some armor can be get from the looters and survivalists.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Friggin Chikin Scratch Ticket
  • Data items(5)
  • Compound bow on Survivalist Archer

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

Almost all doors are unlocked except for one that gives access to the restroom of the Friggin Chikin. There are no alarms.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies(about 15)
  • Looters
    • Angry Looter
    • Though Looter
    • SMG Looter
    • Looter Marksman
    • Looter Thug
    • Experienced Looter
  • Survivalists
    • Survivalist
    • Survivalist
    • Survivalist Scout
    • Survivalist Scout
    • Survivalist Archer