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The Ghosttown2 is a collection of boarded up houses along a empty street. There is an seeming abandoned truck in the middle of the road. There is nobody to be seen. Upon entry a message say: looks abandoned ... looks.

Location[ | ]

Random encounter.

Resources[ | ]

A random encounter to allows you to add to your always depleting ammo supply. You can get weapons and ammo from the looters, some fuel from the truck and parts from the boardings.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Looters

It is a trap of course.


Left side of the truck behind the house.

  • Female Looter(snubnose, hatchet)
  • Serious Looter(sawed-off shotgun, screwdriver, some food and luxuries, data item)
  • Crazed Looter(snubnose, combat knife, parts)

Right side of the street near the television-set.

  • Weird Looter(sickle, pepper spray)

Remarks[ | ]

It looks like the looters have been set up so you might be able to circumvent the ambush via the right side of the map, but you cannot escape being noticed by the Weird Looter, so you will have to fight that one at least.

Subsequent encounters do not refill the containers. The only loot can only be taken from the looters.