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Giddy-up drugs
Giddy-up drugs sideview

The Giddyup Drugs is a small pharmacy with a car parked in front and a pickup truck behind the store. This place is in the process of being looted by two parties and you arrive as the confrontation turns foul.

Location[ | ]

Giddy-Up Drugs is located on the junction of the Interstate 10 and route 277 and located about 70 miles south-west from the shelter.

Resources[ | ]

As a one can expect from a pharmacy, this is a place for medicine and drugs. There is also some food and luxuries. Weapons, ammo and armor on the looter and Mickey and Mallory.

Enemies[ | ]

Mickey and Mallory will fight it out with the looters inside the Giddy-Up Drugs.

  • Mallory(9 mm pistol(9 bullets), police shotgun(5 shells), 5 shells, cleats, wrist guards, snack cake)
  • Mickey(Police Shotgun(5 shells), 5 extra shells, bowie knife, weightlifting gloves, construction boots, cigarettes and candy)
  • Crazed Looter
  • Angry Looter
  • Female Looter
  • Male Looter
  • Fast Looter

Remarks: zombies might spawn because of the shooting.