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Grant White

Grant is a man with a strong will to survive and isn't afraid of doing things others might condemn. He's likely to give advice that focuses on giving the absolute best odds of survival to the PC and himself, no matter what the cost might be to others in the Shelter.

Background[ | ]

Grant was a typical upper class citizen. Working as an loan officer, his clients have been made up of desperate people who asks for a loan from the bank. Years of working under a cynical financial environment created the current mindset that Grant adheres to adamantly. When the zombie apocalypse hit, his wife was bitten after failing to save his daughter and seeing the same pitiful desperation he saw in his clients murdered his wife. Leaving behind his home he has avoided death and retribution by scavenging on those who cannot help themselves or seeks some savior to save them.

Recruitment[ | ]


Recruiting Grant

Grant can be found at the "Cheery House" random encounter. While he seems very eager to negotiate and talk things through, you can mention the dead couple in the bedroom as being suspicious - Grant will assert that they killed themselves, and will point out that he can't prove his innocence any other way than by giving you his word. You can come back and recruit him so long as you do not actually speak with him.

Events[ | ]


  • Grant, it should be noted, is a time-bomb of a character. The collapse of civilization has triggered a subtle psychotic break in him (or perhaps a sociopathic streak that always existed) leading him to prioritize survival above all else - and the elimination of any who might threaten it. While Grant likes and respects the main character, it has much more to do with their role as a leader and a survivor than anything else, and to maintain his place at the Shelter, he's very eager to do everything he can to make himself useful, and be adaptable: in fact, in most of his conversations, there is very little the player can do to impact his Mood, either positively or negatively. He's responsible for bringing up the locations of multiple places you may not have yet located (but they can still be found without his help). Generally speaking, emotionally fragile or pessimistic survivor grates on his nerves and it is inevitable he will take matters to his own hands and murder them.
  • The first morning Grant is at the Shelter, he'll point out the location of an apartment complex that had been full of survivors but was since overrun.
  • About a week in, Grant will ask how you're doing, and sympathize with the "burden of leadership" that you're under.
  • If the player has less than 30 parts in the shelter and Grant's been around for more than 10 days, he'll show you where a junkyard is (NOTE: this is the same scrapyard you can find Pepper in)
  • Just over two weeks in, Grant will give you a bottle of bourbon - you can thank him or offer to share a drink with him for a small Mood boost.
  • At about three weeks in the Shelter, Grant will ask you to take him out into the field, that he's getting stressed being around people.
  • At nearly a month in, Grant will tell you the location of a mansion (NOTE: this is the same mansion you can find Sandy in)
  • At a month's time, Grant will tell you about the summer camp (NOTE: this is the same location where you can talk to Ben, and potentially get Smoky) However, if you're peaceful with the people at the summer camp, Grant will later approach you and suggest raiding the camp for food - whatever your response, Grant will react diplomatically.
  • If Grant has been in the Shelter for nearly three weeks, there is an increasing chance someone will die.
    • Grants potential victims (and the time they have to have been in the Shelter) are: Mia (in 10 days or more), Jenifer (in 20 days or more), or Lane (in 30 days or more).
    • There are several people listed as suspects: Corbeau, Getz, Sir Charleston, Troy, Grant, and Doug. If Grant is accused, he will admit to the crime.
    • If anyone other than Grant is found guilty, he will come to you later and admit to the crime. You can choose to imprison him, exile him, kill him immediately, or cover up the crime.
    • If you speak to him in prison, he'll reveal more about his life before the Shelter, and the fate of others he's come across.

Special Requests[ | ]

Luxury Items

  • Cigars
  • Deodorant


  • Gym

Stats[ | ]

See also Ally Stats.

Survivors develop their skills over time, these stats represent their starting point.

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Grant's concern for both combat and being agreeable will dominate his early skills, resulting in a strict focus on Negotiation and Melee - after this, he'll concentrate on Survival, Medical, and Ranged. His stats will gain in Strength, Vigor, Perception, and Agility.

Traits[ | ]


  • Frantic: When Grant is in a Panic, his desperate drive to survive gives him a temporary +1 boost to all his stats.
  • Chopper: Grant favors the use of axes, giving him an additional 15% damage when one is equipped.
  • Pumping Iron: This ally enjoys having a gym in the Shelter, and will gain a one-time mood boost after it is completed.

Play Style[ | ]

Although he's not a top-shelf fighter, with a bonus to using axes and decent survival skills Grant can hold his own in the field. He's agreeable on the surface, but his tendency to always know exactly what he needs to say to get what he wants could conceal a darker side to his personality.

Grant will NOT react to killing neutral survivors.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Age: 38
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • Subleader Supported: Lloyd
  • Shelter Location: Second floor, near overlook
  • Grant is one of the few survivors who does not appear to get sick.
  • Grant's visual reference is actor John Hamm.