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The Hamilton Airfield is a small county airport with a terminal, a hangar and some maintenance and storage places. There is a small jet parked halfway in the hangar.

Location[ | ]

Hamilton Airfield is located east of Route 281 and some 30 miles south-east from Stephenville. In realife this is roughly where the town of Hamilton is located.

Resources[ | ]

Some food and luxuries in the terminal. Parts and welding torch in the hangar. Parts and bag of cement in the garages. Some fuel at various places and the fuelpump.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • Welding Torch in the hangar
  • Bag of Cement in one of the garages.
  • Fuel(8 gallons)

Allies[ | ]

Lloyd McCroskey can be recruited here on day 26. It is also a place that can be used to escape.

Enemies[ | ]

None, except for the escape event. It is said that the player has to fight off enemies to escape with the plane.

Trivia[ | ]

There is a Hamilton Municipal Airport at Hamilton.