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Harold Kyun

Harold Kyun is an dedicated aeronautical engineer and used to spend all of his free time with projects and camping. He was saved by Ulysses Ford and Darlene Lumpkin from zombies, so he joined them.

Recruitment[ | ]

Harold is recruited together with Ulysses Ford.

In order to recruit him, show up at the first meeting with Ford, and make sure to deal with him fairly. When he introduces himself, ask him to come back to the Shelter. Ford will be hesitant, but if you have a Negotiation skill of 8 or above, he can be talked into considering it - at that point, continue to be peaceful ("Give us a chance" or the other Negotiation-based comments). If you do, he'll give in and bring his team - Darlene, Isobel, and Harold - along.

Events[ | ]

  • If he becomes depressed and you have a Negotiation of 5 or more, and Nathan is in the Shelter, you can suggest they hang out and chat.
  • If he's been bit, he'll ask for a gun and some food so he can go out on his own and end things on his own terms. If you shut him down, he takes a big Mood penalty. If you refuse him food, he'll take a small Mood penalty - if you give him the day's rations, he'll get a Mood boost. If you refuse him a gun (a snubnose .38) he'll take a larger Mood penalty - if you either let him have one he or you are carrying or one in storage, he'll gain Mood. Later, if you run out of antibiotics, Davis will either tell you Harold left (reactive to the items you did or didn't give him), or if you forbid him from leaving, that he killed himself.
  • If you have Michiru in the Shelter and try to ask Harold if he knows what she's saying, he'll awkwardly point out that he's Korean, not Japanese, and take a small Mood penalty.
  • If his mood is very low and he protests about the condition, he will leave if Isobel, Ulysses and Darlene are all dead while sticking around at a mood loss if they are still alive.

Special Requests[ | ]

Luxury Items

  • Hot Sauce
  • Deodorant


  • Workshop

Stats[ | ]

See also Ally Stats.

Survivors develop their skills over time, these stats represent their starting point.

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Harold develops his core skills speedily, putting points into Melee, Mechanical, and Survival, with backups in Medical, Negotiation, and Science. His stat upgrades focus on Agility and Strength.

Traits[ | ]


  • Emotional Rock: "Harold's determination makes him 25% less likely to Panic if another ally in the party is Panicking."
  • Packhorse: "Despite his lighter frame, Harold's superior packing knowledge allows him to carry 20 more pounds."
  • Hesitant: "Despite the rigors of the new world, Harold still doesn't like attacking humans, and gets a 10% accuracy penalty on them."
  • Shop Talk: "This ally enjoys having a Workshop in the Shelter, and will gain a one-time Mood boost after it is completed."

Play Style[ | ]

Although he can carry a bit more in the field than the average ally, Harold's strength lies in his mechanical skills. He is put to good use manufacturing weapons and armor in the workshop.

Harold will react negatively to killing neutral survivors.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Age: 31
  • Hometown: Everett, WA
  • Sick Event: rat bite
  • Subleader Supported: Sandy
  • Shelter Location: Second floor, near left stairs