Dead State Wiki

Introduction[ | ]

Forsythe Hartz is the NCO who asks you for supplies on day 42. Some time later Lieutenant Adair will tell you that Hartz is a pretender. On Day 70 Adair will tell you about the place where Hartz hides out. Which is this place.

Layout[ | ]

This area is a street lined to each side with dilapidated buildings, all boarded up. There is only one building accessible, which must be the hideout.

Location[ | ]

This place is located far to the southwest on the map. It is about 10 miles west from Route 277 and around 80 miles from the Shelter.

Resources[ | ]

This place has not much to offer because Hartz and company are down and out. You can loot the place for some parts. Hartz and his crew have some tidbits.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Nothing

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

There are two doors to the hideout, but while you can open the double doors at the front, you can't enter. The way in is via the back.

Allies & Neutrals[ | ]

  • Forsythe Hartz
  • Starved soldiers

Enemies[ | ]

  • Forsythe Hartz(Combat Knife, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Sham)
  • Starved Soldier(Fire Axe, Combat Mask, Camouflage)
  • Starved Soldier (Snubnose(4 Bullets), Combat Knife, Combat Boots, Marksman Gloves, Mystery Can)
  • Starved Medic (Sawed-Off Shotgun, Combat Knife, Screwdriver, Medic Satchel, Data Item, Bandage)

Zombies[ | ]

There are no zombies around.

Remarks[ | ]

  • No zombies seem to spawn when making noises.

Stolen Valor[ | ]

There isn't much of a conversation that you can have with Hartz. Your choices are to kill him, to kill him and his crew or to let them go. You even get the opportunity to be sadistic and kill Hartz slowly. There is no possibility to recruit him or give them supplies or encourage them to join the ranks. Or anything thing else more positive.

Notes[ | ]