Dead State Wiki

Healing[ | ]

While it takes a while longer to heal in the Shelter than in the field, it can be absolutely necessary to prevent overuse of medical items, restore Max HP, and cure certain Status Effects.

Player characters who are resting in the Shelter heal 1 HP (and 1 lost Max HP) per hour in normal mode, and 1 HP per 2 hours in Hardcore mode, while allies heal more slowly, with 1 HP per 2 hours in normal mode and 1 HP per 4 hours in Hardcore mode. Building the Infirmary upgrade allows you to assign up to two characters with higher Medical skill there as either a Nurse (Medical skill 4-7) or a Doctor (8+). Each Nurse adds +2 HP healed per hour, while each Doctor adds +3 HP healed per hour. Once you have the Infirmary built, you can assign up to five allies to rest there and gain the benefit of the staff’s healing abilities – if the Infirmary is not staffed, you can still heal there for a 10% bonus to your daily healing speed.

(Please note that the Infirmary only heals people during the day – the support staff have to rest up as well – so your characters will be left with only their natural 1 HP per hour healing during the night.)

Medic Satchel Items[ | ]

To use these items, you must drag them into a Medic Satchel in the inventory in order to "charge" the satchel with uses. Items you can use for this purpose include the following:

Bandages[ | ]

  • A roll of bandages. Just enough to cover a wound.
  • Adds 1 Point to Satchel

Codeine[ | ]

  • Container of powerful painkillers.
  • Adds 3 points to Satchel

Medical Kit[ | ]

  • Comprehensive kit containing small versions of valuable medical items such a suturing thread, sterilizing agents, painkillers, clotting powder, and bandages.
  • Adds 5 points to Satchel

EMT Kit[ | ]

  • A professional trauma bag containing medical-grade lifesaving equipment and supplies including medical sealants, compression bandages, mini-scalpel, bag valve masks, splints, and cold packs.
  • Adds 10 points to Satchel

Antibiotics[ | ]

  • Allies infected with the zombie virus die in three days unless given antibiotics.
  • Antibiotics can be scavenged or created in the Lab base upgrade.
  • In the standard mode of the game, the player cannot get infected. However, in the Player Infection mode, the player can get infected and will die if not given a daily dose of antibiotics.