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At some point in the game, Todd and Priscilla will knock on your fence - wanting to join. If you accept them, Priscilla will through dialogue (eventually) tip you off on the location1 where you can get four horses for quicker travel. It will then become a task on your to do list. The horses consume 2 food each while stabled - but supposedly graze if you go out scavenging2. Horses speed up your travels on the map. You also can find horses in the northwest area of the map, near of Route 2773. Once horses are recruited they are shown as available but can't be recruited again as the only dialogue option is <leave them alone>.

Using Horses for Travel[ | ]

  1. Get on the blue grid of the shelter and hit "M" for your map.
  2. In the top right corner of the map, you will see 3 buttons to switch between walking, riding and driving.
  3. Choose the horse symbol. The party symbol will turn into a green horse symbol.

Related Bugs[ | ]

A current bug in the game allows you to use the Car-trunk icon to store up to 200 lbs while using horse4. However, this only works after you get the car. The manual does however state that horses should offer extra carry-weight.4

Notes[ | ]

1 The location Priscilla Butler mentions is Miller's Stables which is located next to Route 83 on the east side of the road and to the north of the junction of Route 377, Route 83 and Highway 10, which is conveniently called Junction on the map. It seems to be unavailable until she does mention it. At survival rate 2 this takes more then half a day walking.

2 The horses seem to use two food a day each regardless, making for a total amount of eight consumed a day.

3 This is the Equestrian Stables, to walk to it in a day one needs to have at least a survival of four or higher. It is also defended.

4 While the car trunk option is available when at the shelter, it isn't available outside the shelter for horses, hence it the bug seems to have been fixed. There is no extra carry-weight for horses.