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Hunting Shotgun
Hunting shotgun
Class Shotgun
Hands 2 (AP cost for switching weapons)
Range 4 (Average range)
Cost to fire 4 AP
Cost to reload 8 AP
Ammo capacity 2 (Low, double barrel capacity)
Ammo type Shotgun Shells
Damage 30-50 (High at close range, drops off due to spread at longer ranges)
Damage Type Ballistic (Good against humans/non-ballistic armor)
Noise 30 (Very Loud)
Critical Hit chance 10% (Good chance for criticals)
Critical Multiplier 2 (Good critical multiplier)
Weight 7.5 (Moderately heavy)
Breakage 0 (Weapon will not break)

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This is the most basic type of shotgun, used by civilians for hunting or protection. it is a double-barreled model requiring no pump to fire, however as it is not for combat use, it needs to be reloaded after every two shots. Not a great weapon, but a common one and a lifesaver at close range for even a relatively unskilled combatant.

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