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Introduction[ | ]

The I20 Rest Stop is a place of the Interstate 20 and as can be expected consists of a T-Rexaco Petrol Station with associated buildings such as a 7 Store, a Mmm, Bison Diner and a Friggin Chikin diner. The kind of buildings you can expect at a rest stop.

Layout[ | ]

You will enter on a road with a double row of vehicles. The stop is to the right behind a double row of fence. You can enter the place through to the far end where the fence is broken. The Petrol station will be in front, with the 7 Store behind it. The two diners are to the right. You should take note of the motorcycles.

Location[ | ]

The Rest Stop is located along the Interstate 20 about 20 miles north-west from Stephenville and about 90 miles North by Northeast from the Shelter.

Resources[ | ]

A place that has a decent amount of fuel, luxuries and food, but not in abundance. It is less than a full haul if you come with a full group and the car.

Notable Loot[ | ]


Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

The house to the left has one locked door and one open door at the back. Both are rated 60. The house on the right has an unlocked door. The shops have no locked doors. The Diner has locked doors rate 30, except for the backdoor. 

There are no alarms.

Allies & Neutrals[ | ]


Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies
  • Coyotes

Zombies are sprinkled around the place and in the diners. The Coyotes are at the fueling station and in front and inside the 7 store.

Coyotes Fueling station

  • Lady Coyote(9 mm, Riding Leathers, Claw Hammer)
  • Coyote Scout(9 mm Pistol(8 x 9 mm), Baseball Bat, Leather Jacket, Jerky, Cigarettes, Beer)

Guarding the four bikes

  • Coyote Brawler(Railroad Hammer, Paintball Faceplate, Football Pads, Chewing Tobacco, Cigarettes, Porno Magazine)
  • Coyote Outlaw(Hunting Shotgun, Wood Axe, Football Pads, Cigarettes, Wine)

7 Store

  • Coyote Enforcer(357 Magnum, Sledgehammer, Riding Leathers, Motorcycle Helmet)
  • Coyote Groupie(Snubnose, Machete, Motorcycle Helmet)
  • Coyote Scout(9 mm Pistol(8 x 9 mm), Baseball Bat, Leather Jacket, Jerky, Cigarettes, Beer)

Remarks[ | ]

Low spawning of zombies.

Notes[ | ]