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The Impound Lot is a road leading through a forested area. The road is congested with abandoned cars and trucks. To the right of the entrance is a fenced off area with a building.

Location[ | ]

This place is located west of route 377 and about 30 miles south-west from Junction on the Interstate 10 and about 90 miles south-west from the shelter at Splendid.

Resources[ | ]

There is a little bit of everything here, mostly luxuries though. But there is some fuel to be had. Of course, the survivalists offer arms, armor and ammo).

Notable Loot

  • Bag of Cement(next to the blue gastank)
  • MS4 in the plastic crate next to the impound lot building
  • fuel (6.5 gallons) in the bordeaux car. More fuel in the semi-truck on the road.
  • Welding Torch in the toolbox at the rear of the green car.
  • Hunting Rifle in the tent to the front of the impound lot office.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies
  • Survivalists

The following survivalists have made the impound lot their base:.

In front of the gate near the river

  • Survivalist Scout
  • Survivalist Trackers
  • Survivalist Trapper

Inside the fence

  • Attack dog
  • Survivalist Rifleman
  • Survivalist Scout
  • Survivalist Archer
  • Survivalist