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Isolated Gas Station[ | ]

A location consisting of a Gas Station, T-Rexaco filling station and a Taco The Town fast food restaurant.

Location[ | ]

The Isolated Gas Station is located on the junction of Route 183 and Route 84.

Resources[ | ]

Fuel,food and luxuries. Most food can be found tine the Taco restaurant.

Doors, locks and alarms.[ | ]

The few doors are all locked. Doors have rate 50 or 80. The only unlocked door gives access to the bathroom.

There are no alarms.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies
  • Clerk

There is a horde of zombies(between 15 and 20 )outside the gas station shop. The shop is barricaded and only accessible from a level 8 locked door in the back. Inside there is a hostile clerk that will attack as soon as you enter the shop.

Trivia[ | ]

Notes[ | ]